Friday, November 2, 2012

Red's Dawn

Well, I've had Red with me since Tuesday and he's been so much fun. :D I brought in the crate so that he wouldn't have to be outside all the time, but he's been with me a ton of the time out of the crate. I took him to town Tuesday and got him some stuff...he was quite...quite popular in PetsMart and very admired. I felt very safe having a scary dog with me...okay...not really.
I looked at getting him a name tag, but I didn't know what info I should put on it and I think I'll just wait till he's older. I did get him a bright red collar though. It didn't seem right for him to not have a red collar.

He's returning to his keeper (:P) this Sunday when we take him to church. But! I still get him tomorrow. :D And everyone else is doing stuff tomorrow so I will be home alone all day...which means Red can be out of his crate and with me allllll day long. :D I'm sure we'll enjoy blaring some music while we cook, clean and do who knows what else.

I managed to teach him "sit" his week...though it wasn't hard at all. He's very smart and learned very fast. Plus he LOVES (and I do mean...looooooooooooves) treats. He also finds me to be quite the treat, I think...because he is forever trying to eat me.

I gave him a bath on Tuesday...he didn't like it much, but he was sooo good about it and just let me do everything. And he was so cute.

Here's a few pix I've gotten. I have some of the trip to town, but I didn't dowload them to my computer and I don't know why I couldn't go grab them right now...uhhh...well...just enjoy these for now.

I hope y'all had a great day and that your day tomorrow is filled with lots of smiling, hope, epic thoughts and reminders! :) Hold fast and be sure to smile and shine for Christ, no matter where you are. :)

This is one of his first times in the crate...he looks a bit confused.

Micah came and got some pictures while I bathed Red.

C'mon...that's just cute.

After he's almost dry and fluffy...he eats. And he loves eating. A lot. But he drinks a ton of water too. Actually...never seen a dog as thirsty as he is all the time. Which makes for lots of trips outside.

He thinks he's a parrots sometimes if I hold him up, he'll try to climb on my shoulder.

He's got an "on-off" switch. He'll be bouncing off the walls one minute...and the next minute you can hardly wake him up. :P

I love this almost captures him. I really don't know how a picture could ever capture his personality. It's actually rather childish. Which I find amusing. He reminds me of Luther sometimes...actually...I've caught myself calling him Luther quite a bit.

And, he curls up in my lap and we listen to music...he loves Nickelback, Daughtry, Lifehouse and...okay...all my music. :P