Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[Insert Title Here]

 Ah, it's been another day in paradise. Another long day in paradise. Why is it that the days have seemed soooo long this week? Probably many reasons. That's my guess. Yep.
Anyways...today is Tuesday...and it feels like it should be Friday. :P But it's not...it's Tuesday. I know that because yesterday was Monday and Tuesday usually follows Monday. Usually. 
Anyhoo...last night Lydia and I hung out in my room. Nothing really new about hanging out...but I decided to get pictures anyways. We had a bunch of fun. :D
We're watching the olympics...and it's my favorite event...girls' gymnastics. :D :D Always been my fav.  America just went...Russia is up next. I don't know why I love this event so much. It's just coooool.
I know there's more that I have to say that y'all just really should know...but I can't think of it. So you may insert any amount of randomness here that you like. *nods* I mean...anything...get real random. Random as unbreakable eggs that fall on a stone floor. See? Like that.
Anyhoo! Hope y'all are having a great evening! :D And I hope you're smiling! :D And...remember to shine for Christ...no matter where you are. :D

Lucy came for a visit last night...

Okay...to kick off my time with Lydia...muuusic. :D We listened to Jamie Grace all night...Lydia likes her and I'm not sure what other of my music she'd really like lol. So we went with Jamie.

I am trying to decide if this is cute or...scary. We'll go with cute. It's her shirt that's just...too much. It says "Brunettes get better grades." I mean really...I can't believe I let her wear that in my room!

 I gave Mom some money to pick up some chocolate. ...So Lydia and I grabbed a jar of milk and delved into the stash. I think Lydia was rather pleased...this kinda makes me think of Gollum...

Dis is us. :D

And then today! I just got some different random pictures of the folskes in the house and out of the house. 
Here's Em with Siri (in her bling, of course) and getting the Starchasers website up online.

*happy sigh* in my room...music is always playing....well...AFR lately...which is mostly music...

Abby is a HUGGER...and you can see that Micah is thrilled.

I have no idea what she is doing...

Naomi, me and Micah's and Abby's fingers in the School Room.

Abby tried breaking into Micah's room...but it didn't work.

Mr. Sean came and dropped several rolls of hay off.

Lydia, milking the cow. Or just finishing.

That's how the sky has looked for...a couple of weeks now. And boy...is it ever huuumid! Inside and out...nice thick air. :P

I was holding PJ and Micah just came and stood like this. When I looked up he gave me the look that said, "Well?" So...I guess I was supposed to take a picture. :P

Flowers are always sososo pretty....I love flowers. Flowers are happy looking. And happy smelling. They make the world a better place. *nods*

This, for all you color blind people out there...,is green. :D

And we shall end with a random picture of a random stone. Aint it perty?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Some ramblings and some funnies

Ahhhh...long day. What did I do? (And let me ask...why do I ask that?...not like anybody here would know. Or would they? Some people are...nuts. Like...inside your head. But no...that's impossible, right? That only happens in like...creepy movies. Impossible. Totally. Okay...that was random. Or...was it? 0.0 I am sorry...I am being very ditsy tonight, am I not? :P) Anyways...I did a good bit of studying today. Talked to my oldest brother on the phone for a bit (that's always so awesome.). I was excited to get a few things in the mail so I wrote a couple of letters. Oh...and the biggest task of the day...I watched the kids for the better part of the afternoon and evening. That, my friends, is a job to keep you feeling alive. :P Their such awesome kids, though. :) Tonight, Lydia and I are going to hang out in my room...that'll be fun. :D And tomorrow...well...tomorrow is Tuesday. Which means...nothing, except we have another awesome, beautiful, glorious day to live a beautiful life and ponder epic things. :D Looks to be a long week...no Bible study in the middle to break it up...I've gotten so used to that on Wed. (Wednesdays are so cool) nights that it makes the week seem so long without it. :P But...that just means there will be something else awesome to do that night. :D
Anyhoo...I had to share this picture that mah cuzin, Sarah (you can see her blog here ) showed me today. :D We were chatting and she sent it to me and I busted out laughing. It's sooo funny. Especially since we were discussing Cinderella at church over lunch this last week. :P 

Oh, and Sarah told me today that THIS is the reason we're the friends that we are lol.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Something happy...

Today something very happy happened...I not only got to see my sister in law and nephew...but I got to finally meet my niece! :D
And, I put up a couple of sunset pictures...sorry if those are getting old, but I can't resist pictures when I see a beautiful sunset. ;)
I got some pictures of Jakie-bug today while I was playing with him...sorry if there are too many... :P 
God is very good and I'm so thankful for this being able to happen. :)

I can't believe how big he has gotten!

"Look, Auntie! A little man that I can use to hit things with!"

He's watching something on TV here. :P

And doing the same thing here...

And...here... :P

My buddy and me. ^_^ He looks so tired in this picture. :P This was between him wiggling and laughing, I'm shocked we got a picture where he wasn't blurry lol.

He enjoyed throwing the legos alllllll over the place. :P

I have no idea why...but he thought it would be fun to pick up this huge piece of trim and bang it around...I jumped in and risked my well-being (and my noggin) to stop him. :P

Okay...I spent close to an hour chasing him around the pool table...he was laughing SO hard and it was SOOOOOO adorable!!! Then he would turn to me and start chasing me...then he'd hold his arms up and run to me and I'd scoop him up and swing him around. Talk about a great way to get a 2 1/2 year old to laugh his head off! :D

Ooooh it was so much fun being with him again. :D He wore. me. out. :P But I think I got him all tired for his Mommy, so we're even. :P I want him to come back now though. :P 

And here is Bonnie! Her full name is Bonnie Jean...and she is completely, totally, indescribably, amazingly 100% adorable. She's just two months old and she was smiling so much today. She's such a good baby and it was so wonderful getting to hold her and make her happy and just love up on her. Now I miss her. :P Em got some more pictures of her..I managed to snatch this one...so she may or may not blog them...not sure. But anyways...isn't Bonnie so sweet looking? :D

Yayayay!! :D :D

LOOK! They posted the whole Tangled short film on Youtube, finally! I'd seen it before, but it was all choppy because someone filmed it in a theater with their phone or something.
This is so awesome! (Yeah...I'm an 18 year old in love with an animated movie. (Guess that's the Child coming out in me or something...aren't you scared?) And y'know...I so see me being like Pascal and Max in this vid. :P
Anyhoo...for anyone who likes Tangled. (And that would be anyone who follows my blog...riiiight? *glares* )


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shtuff from today...

 Today was kind of a slow...laid back Saturday. And it was pretty nice to have a slower day. Dad and Mom decided not to go to Starchasers today...so they got the horses out and worked with them here. Dad went out with them and helped and Micah and I did a bunch of stuff and Em was at work all day. Not sure what all Micah did, but I...let me think...what did I do? A lot....but not much. :P I did a good bit of housework...made some bread...oh! Today on AFR they did the "20 The Countdown Magazine" which is where they count down the top 20 songs among Christian artists...I always love that so I got to listen to some of that. :D I reviewed some of my book (boy, do I have a lot of editing to do. :P ) and other stuff. Then when Em got home, we went to town for a bit. Seems like fooorever since I've been to town. Felt nice to get out. Went to a few stores to get some stuff for my iPod and *grins* I went to Lifeway, of course. I think they're starting to get to know me in there. :P I got a new album...i could have bought four or five...there were several more that I wanted, but I decided against it since I don't exactly have an income. :P (Really want Britt Nicole's albums...especially Gold...but those will have to wait. I think I can survive... :P ) So...I got a Phillips, Craig and Dean album. Don't have one of theirs yet and I've liked some of their stuff on AFR. Can't wait to try it out and see how I like it. :D The guy at Lifeway assured me that it's awesome...so we'll see!
Then...Em and I came home and here we are. :D Really looking forward to church tomorrow. That's always one of the best days of the week. 
Hope y'all are having a great evening! :D Be sure to smile and shine for Christ...no matter where you are! :D

Dad and Micah plaid a bit of frisbee and I got some pictures with PJ's zoom through the window.

Abby got bucked off last Thursday...got the wind knocked out of her really good and it was pretty scary at first. But she was fine...even if a bit sore now. But, she's been riding Jeb (Lydia's horse) so that Lydia can work with Rob a bit and see why he bucked like that. Never done it before...

Okay... *facepalm* I was cleaning the kitchen and went over to the coffee bar and saw THIS. Em usually sets the coffee pot up at night so that it will be ready for Dad and Mom in the morning and she leaves a note each time to let them know it's ready. Well...yeah...apparently she has help now since she signed her iPhone's name with her own. 0.0 This thing is really scary...

One of my best friends in the whole world... *sigh* :P (can anyone tell that I kinda like music?)

Sadie looking rather comfy.

And... *grins* I blinged out my iPod. I couldn't resist! I got the star because...well...I just...randomly like stars. The cross because...well, that's obvious. And that "A" because...Em suggested it. And somehow...whenever Emily suggests something it sounds brilliant. :P  Yes, this iPod is very personalized. I guarantee that you won't find another one like it...and that's just the way I like it. 8-) (Em is currently blinging-up her iPhone...we Pendleton girls love our bling. *nods*)

Oh... :D This song is totally a new favorite! I kind of got out of this style for a while, but I've been listening to AFR again a ton and this song has played a couple of times and I just love it. :D It's happy and would be a great song to get set to an alarm clock...hmmm..wonder if I could do that. *ponders*
Oh! And it's got Toby Mac!!! :D Don't like every single one of this songs, but he's one of my favs. :D
Anyways...here's the song. Kinda hard not to smile when you hear it. 8-)
(Oh...and you have to look up the song "Me Without You" by Toby Mac...it's awesome and very much could be about me. :P )

Friday, July 27, 2012

Rambling...read at your own risk...

 "There are odd goings in Whoville lately!" ~"Good...odd goings on?" From Horton Hears a Who.

Okay, that was totally random, but the line popped into my head and I decided to type it. But! It actually does fit into this post. :P

Micah and I are in the family room watching the opening of the olympic games (in LONDON! I wish I was there. :P ) and they are about to bring in a "special royal surprise" I expect Willie and Kate to be entering at some point soon. :P
Anyways! The point of the post...Em got her a new toy. And when I say a new toy, I mean a new best friend. No joke...okay...maybe something of a joke...but this thing is CREEPY! Em got a brrrand new iPhone...it's beyond cool. But I'm scared of it like...sprouting arms and legs and walking around. Okay...that might be cool...maybe I could get it to sweep for me... anyways! Back on subject!  Okay...so she got her iPhone and brought it home and was trying it out and was telling it to do all kinds of things and it was goofing up and so she jokingly said... "Idiot." and guess what?! The thing said... "I'm just trying to help you." It TALKED to her! Like...then she kept talking and it carried on a conversation. It's creeepy. She said "I love you Syrie" and the phone replied, "I hope you don't say that to those other mobile phones." When I say I screamed and hid behind Em's closet curtain...I really mean I did that. :P IDK why it was so shocking...I mean, they can do all kinds of things these days...but it's just...I guess it was beyond what I expected. :P Anyhoo! Oh...the best part about Em getting an iPhone is that she's giving me her iTouch! :P
Anyhoo...I'm really rambling and being annoying tonight, aren't I? Am I not? I am. *nods*
Okay...back to the Olympics. I didn't know that they were on this year until like...an hour ago. Guess that goes to show I don't think about that stuff...got too much other epic stuff to think about. 8-)
So...y'all smile and shine for Christ...no matter where you are! :D

Em and Syrie...

She...likes her... ...

Em wisely spent the extra few bucks to get the Otter Box...this thing keeps the phone about as safe as you could ever get it. And...in typical Pendleton girl fashion...and especially typical Emily fashion...it's pink camo. 8-)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Something to make you smile...

This song has been on my mind today...why am I posting it? Hmmm...maybe because I like doing things that appear random. That's fun, isn't it?
Anyways...this song is simply...epic. I don't recommend the group (haven't heard much of them at all)...but I love this song. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sunshine up above and down below

 I went out side with PJ to...actually, I'm not sure why...but I looked up and saw the sky and the sun was peaking through. I love that and whenever the rays of sunlight spill through the clouds, it makes me think  of when Christ returns. :)
While I was marveling at the beauty above, I looked down and saw some below. ^_^ Abby tends to be my tag-along often and she had followed me outside with a huge grin on her face. It's funny how siblings can be like their older siblings...because everyone says that Naomi is just like Emily was at that age and that Abby is just like I was. That's pretty scary now that I think about it. :P
Anyways! Here's some pictures. :)
Hope y'all are having an EPIC day! :D So much to smile about, yes? :)


She's...always smiling...I mean...seriously. It's hard to catch her without a happy expression on her face. I say that real smiles are from Christ...and Abby has been very blessed in that department. 8-)

Talk about a little bit of sunshine! This girl was stung TEN times by wasps yesterday...does that keep her from smiling? NO! Of course not!

I told her to give me her biggest smile...I think that's pretty good, don't you? lol. I wish I could catch her laughing...it's so cute and funny. She had me in stitches tonight with all her goofy, fun stunts she loves to pull on me. If you're needing a good laugh or just someone to brighten your day...Abby is the gal for you. ;)