Meet the Minions

Well, it is true that this is "my" blog, but honestly...the Minions (as I have come to affectionately call them) are as big a part of it as anyone, so I thought I might as well give them their own space here. :-D
The Minions are, of course, my younger siblings. They're some of my favorite people in the whole world and anyone that knows them knows and understands why, I'm sure. 8-) Does this mean we always get along perfectly and are constant little angels? :-P But, the truth is, we all really do get along pretty dawgon well most of the time and I can't imagine life without all of them. Though, I can tell you one sure would be quiet. :-P
Being a big sister is one of the most awesome things I ever could have asked for. I'm really blessed and thankful to have these kids in my life every day. 
So, without further adieu...I give you...The Minions!

MICAH:  He's the first of the Minions, of course and the only dude. His talents are many, but his interests can be narrowed down to just about anything that has to do with electronics. He's getting pretty good at computer animation and has a bunch of programs, a green screen and a vocabulary to go along with it. (And to be honest...I have to just nod and smile whenever he talks about it, because I don't understand most of it. :-P ). He's enjoyed Legos since he was a very little guy and has used them to do stop-motion-animation. (That, at least, I do understand.). He's a huge NASCAR fan (I'm lost again) and goes with Dad once a year to Taledaga for the race there. He's really a wonderful brother and is chivalrous and kind to his sisters. He and I often enjoy "movie nights" together where we hang out and watch a "big kids" movie. Over all...Micah's one cool dude and I'm completely a fan of him. 8-)

 LYDIA: Well, where to start with her? First, her trademark color is purple. She is one of those people who is good at just about everything she tries. She's great at cross stitching, piano, animals, drawing, cooking...and more! Right now, she is working on getting a dog training business going with her young German Shepherd. She's tutored under our sister in law in Michigan and really has an amazing touch with animals. She's worked with horses too, and is a complete natural. She's part of a mounted drill team in Florida and hopes to save for a really amazing horse. Oh, and that's another thing about Lydia...she's pretty much out "bank". She's got the gift of saving if we ever need change for anything...she's the gal we go to. :-P She's an awesome friend and is growing into quite the neat, Christ centered young lady. It's a blessing to be part of her life and I'm thankful to have her for the sister right under me in the age order of the family. We enjoy doing "girly stuff" together. Nail polish, hair, etc. She's also my "smile police" and is known to unleash her power on anyone she sees not following the "smile rules." 8-)

 ABBY:She's one, big, adorable, happy bundle of smiles. Seriously. This kid has got the gift of being happy and making sure everyone around her gets to benefit from it. I've never met a little girl who is so cheerful so much. She's taken a great interest in books and writing since she was really little and I've been thrilled to see that grow more and more as time goes by. I love to feed that passion of hers by putting as many books in her hands and on her list as I possibly can. :-P And she goes through them like you wouldn't believe! She really very gifted at writing for her age and I'm sure it won't be too many years before she's passes me up in quantity and quality. 8-) She is also part of the mounted drill team with the horses and loves being with her horse. She's such a huge, huge blessing in my life and I really, truly can't imagine what it would be like not to have her so constantly around. All you have to do is look into her eyes and see her happy smile and you can see Jesus shining there. :-)

NAOMI: Okay, I honestly could never sum her up in just a few I shall do the best I can and hope it begins to cover her. She's the youngest of the family, but you'd think she'd been around forever. :-P I've given her the nickname "Two Shoes" because she's always trying to make sure everyone is focused on doing the right thing. She's got a personality that really is bigger than her. There are many words to describe this southern girl, but "shy" is not among them. She's walked up to complete strangers in public before and given them a "tour". She has an awesome horse and seems to be quite good at riding for her age. She's even part of the mounted drill team with Mom and the other girls.She's at the age now where it's hard to tell exactly what her interests are, but I'll just say that she is an absolute whizz at academics and especially math. She's such a big part of our family and certainly is a major addition to the Minions. 8-)

<3 And, as a last note...I've dedicated this song to my Minions. ;-) <3


  1. You forgot to mention how collectively dangerous these kids are. :P

    1. I forget nothing, sir. I merely did not mention it. Tis a secret tool of mine that I like to keep secret until I need to use it on any unsuspecting, poor being. The Minions are handy in many ways. 8-)

  2. This sums up your siblings wonderfully, Anna! I need to get back to writing in my blog!