Monday, December 17, 2012


For anyone who may have been reading my book before, I have gotten back to it and have two new chapters up. :) I plan on keeping it going steadily now, since I've decided not to take as long of a break from writing as I had thought I would.

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Ani Hope

Friday, November 2, 2012

Red's Dawn

Well, I've had Red with me since Tuesday and he's been so much fun. :D I brought in the crate so that he wouldn't have to be outside all the time, but he's been with me a ton of the time out of the crate. I took him to town Tuesday and got him some stuff...he was quite...quite popular in PetsMart and very admired. I felt very safe having a scary dog with me...okay...not really.
I looked at getting him a name tag, but I didn't know what info I should put on it and I think I'll just wait till he's older. I did get him a bright red collar though. It didn't seem right for him to not have a red collar.

He's returning to his keeper (:P) this Sunday when we take him to church. But! I still get him tomorrow. :D And everyone else is doing stuff tomorrow so I will be home alone all day...which means Red can be out of his crate and with me allllll day long. :D I'm sure we'll enjoy blaring some music while we cook, clean and do who knows what else.

I managed to teach him "sit" his week...though it wasn't hard at all. He's very smart and learned very fast. Plus he LOVES (and I do mean...looooooooooooves) treats. He also finds me to be quite the treat, I think...because he is forever trying to eat me.

I gave him a bath on Tuesday...he didn't like it much, but he was sooo good about it and just let me do everything. And he was so cute.

Here's a few pix I've gotten. I have some of the trip to town, but I didn't dowload them to my computer and I don't know why I couldn't go grab them right now...uhhh...well...just enjoy these for now.

I hope y'all had a great day and that your day tomorrow is filled with lots of smiling, hope, epic thoughts and reminders! :) Hold fast and be sure to smile and shine for Christ, no matter where you are. :)

This is one of his first times in the crate...he looks a bit confused.

Micah came and got some pictures while I bathed Red.

C'mon...that's just cute.

After he's almost dry and fluffy...he eats. And he loves eating. A lot. But he drinks a ton of water too. Actually...never seen a dog as thirsty as he is all the time. Which makes for lots of trips outside.

He thinks he's a parrots sometimes if I hold him up, he'll try to climb on my shoulder.

He's got an "on-off" switch. He'll be bouncing off the walls one minute...and the next minute you can hardly wake him up. :P

I love this almost captures him. I really don't know how a picture could ever capture his personality. It's actually rather childish. Which I find amusing. He reminds me of Luther sometimes...actually...I've caught myself calling him Luther quite a bit.

And, he curls up in my lap and we listen to music...he loves Nickelback, Daughtry, Lifehouse and...okay...all my music. :P

Friday, October 26, 2012

Brotha is famous!!!!

Micah was part of the Annual Battle of Newton Civil War re-enactment last week...he did so awesome...screaming and everything during the battle. And, from what I heard...he did AWESOME at the hospital tent when he had a bullet pulled from his arm. Wish I had the vid...I got to see and he seriously was way. to. good as yelling. :P

Anyways! He made it to the pictures in a local paper down here. :D You may have to look through them...but here's the news article. :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Movie Night with Brotha!

That's right...Brotha and I had another movie night. Or...half of one. We watched just over half of The Avengers and then it was getting late and near bed we are going to finish the rest tonight, Lord willing. :D
So far...I really like it. I still can't believe I'm a super hero "fan" (as fan as I get with it comes to silly things like this, that is.:P ). :P Took me forever to like them after watching Superman years ago...well...yeah...took me a while to recover from that lol. But that wasn't Marvel...Marvel is much better. *nod* So...anyways...yeah, the plot is actually pretty good. An alien movie I like. :D And...of course...Tony Stark (Iron Man) is just tooooooooo awesome. 8-)
It lost my interest in just a couple of places...but that's not rare at all for me with movies. I find it very hard to sit through a full movie...and this one is pretty don't go by me. :P
We'll see how the showdown is.
Here's a few token pictures for the evening.

Brotha, of course

Me and my Kombucha...can't believe I like this stuff either. Like...srsly can't believe. But, aint my outfit stylish? :P

Micah's uhhh...Elvis-ish smile.

As other posts will show...I am one of the few people who Micah lets wear his precious Chevy racing hats. And guess what? he let me wear his NEW one. The new one from his very recent 'Dega trip. That's something, folksh. You can see here...I am thrilled.

Brotha and Sista :D

Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's the hope in your eyes that I cling to

Went to church today....heard a great message on mutual submission. Hung out for a bit after church. Not too long. Then, Em, Lydia and I headed to town for the afternoon while Mom and the littlest girls went home. Dad and Micah are still on their way home from 'Dega.
I'm trying to get going on the third chapter in my book...hitting that "blah" time in it though where I kinda...lose inspiration and motivation...kinda a kind of writer's block. But! I really, really wanna get it. Maybe I can just get over this bump and move on with it...because I'm loving writing this book. Even if it is just a "practice novel".
Anyhoo...hope y'all had a great day and that you're smiling and hoping and believing and trusting and all that awesome stuff that is proven to make life much brighter. 8-) Have an awesome day tomorrow, too! :) Be sure to smile and shine for Christ, no matter where you are. :D

Em treated us to cupcakes...and while it was tasty, I think I'm going to sue all sugar products. Between church lemonade and sweet tea, a coffee and cupcake...I can't keep my eyes open and think I'm totally in a sugar coma. :P :P :P Sugar's evil. No...wait...that's beans. But...beans are epic. can they be evil and epic? Someone started talking about beans at church today...what're the odds? did I go from a picture with cupcakes to beans? Ha! That's something only I (or almost only I) could do...

I finally got me some new shades. IDK if I like them...but....I really needed them. :P

We went into Big Lots and looook! NARNIA was in there!!! I was very happy. And those shoes? I'm never wearing them again. Ever never ever. Ouchness. Just sayin'.

And, I thought there were more pictures...but apparently notsess. Sooooo...ummmm...hmmm...should I drag this post out? You want me to? No...I bet you don't. And I really do need to try to write...I left my characters in a terrible position. And they don't even know that it's just about to get a whole lot worse. Mwahahaha. Oh, and I wanna figure out how to make a blog button...but I have no idea how...huh...,maybe I can figure/find out.
You wouldn't believe how many random things came up in conversation today. Left my head spinning, just about. Of course...can one really avoid random things? I don't think so any more. But, the truth is...why on earth would one want to? I's random things that are the most epic, right? Right. So...go find or do something random. And be epic. And smile. And...yes...just smile (...pweez ^_^). 8-)

(And I officially need to do...something! I finished posting this a few minutes ago and realized that I'd posted it on my writing blog and not this one. *headpole* I am crrrazy! No. No! I'm NUTS! And that's totally cool...grin worthy. Yes...indeed. Nuts have epic lives. At least the ones that I know. 8-) )

Thursday, October 4, 2012

When I feel lost and I can't find my way; when words are at a loss

 The kids aren't coming over till about 3 on Thursdays now, but that still give Jakie-Bug enough time to get me good and exhausted. :P
Before he got here, I was babysitting different groups of our kids throughout the day because Dad and Mom were both gone about all day. So...since there's not too much to watching the "kids" here at home...I was able to write finish the first chapter of my new book and write the prologue. Woop!
So, now Jacob is sacked out with a piece of pizza watching the Cat in the Hat on the couch. 
I have no...repeat no...idea where the "sitting" in "babysitting" came from. That's just the craziest thing I think I've heard. Just about. Maybe Jacob is just a rare, strange kid to keep me on my toes. But wait...I've watched a ton of kids...nope...he's normal. In that sense at least. :P
Anyhoo! Before I ramble (more!)'s a few pix from just a bit ago when I took Jacob out to play outside while it was still light. He's looooves being outside.
Really hope y'all had a good, peaceful, strong, epic, hopeful day! :) And do have a wonderful one tomorrow! Be sure to smile and believe and shine for Christ, now matter where you are! :)

You may be wondering why the little dude has no pants on...well...see...apparently there is this thing called and "exploding diaper". Aaaaand...I doubt you want details on that.

It seems that Jacob has things under control. So...

I can amuse myself by taking pictures!

I can't help grinning looking at this section of our wall.

This chair looks rather lonely, doesn't it?

Dad and Micah, getting ready to leave on their annual trip to their NASCAR race. Mr. JJ was awesome and is letting them borrow his truck and trailer.

He loves pushing things around in this stroller.

"I've got your knee, Auntah! What are you going to do about it?" Talk about a cheeesy grin.

In the words of King Julian. "Ah! Too cute. Too cute. Too cute!"

Peace, y'all! :D Have a great, happy, hopeful, peaceful, nutty, random evening and...listen to some epic music or something.  Shee ya! :D

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Will you listen to my story? It'll just be a minute.

Went outside this morning and everything was covered in dew. I think that's so I got a few shots. Church is at our place I gotta get going, but thought I'd put these up real quick. :)
Y'all have a great day! Be sure to smile and shine for Christ, no matter where you are.

And this isn't mean to be artistic...but I love the concept of the sun breaking through the clouds. Only God can make that happen in nature and in life. Even when it seems like we do everything we can to shove the clouds over the light...God can still make it shine. Somehow. I guess that's why He's God and we're so completely, disgustingly human. Yeah...when I say "we" I really mean, "I".

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Writing Blog

For anyone interested...I started a blog to post my writing. I didn't want to do it here since...IDK...that just didn't seem organized. :P's the link. :) I JUST started minute ago, so it's very basic. I hope to get more layers to it soon. :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

And I don't wanna be misunderstood, but I'm starting to believe's been another beautiful day! Long and I've been in the same room just about all. day. long. :P Watching Jakie Bug. :D He's had a blast today and I actually got my prologue written! :D I've never written one before...not a real one. And this one ended up being too long. 5 pages. But IDK what to do about it. Eh...maybe it can work...IDK. And I tell ya...this is one girly book I'm working on. Blah. I didn't want to do that. But, I'm just gonna write it. There's always the delete button and trash bin if I end up hating the whole thing. :P It's been fun so far, though and I think I like Reed. Maggie's a handful though. And...I probably make no sense at all to anyone except other writers... :/
Anyhoo! I've found me a new favorite artist. 8-) Me likes this. Especially since I just dumped nearly every single artist I ever liked yesterday. This gives me music to listen to while I write. I love listening to music while I write. 8-)
And the main point of this post is the share a very strange thing...Jacob likes Kombucha tea. Yeah, I gave it to him as a joke to watch his face ( aunt can have some innocent fun, right?) and he ended up drinking almost three glasses plus a sippy cup full! I had two glasses myself. This stuff kinda grows on you in a strange way...hmmm...yish. Anyways! Here's proof...

Micah decided to try some again, but he hated it still. :P So, he drank it and plugged his nose at the same Jakie thought he'd do it too. :P

And I just thought this is one of the cutest pictures ever...I love this boy's smile. So much. :)

Tina should be here in a bit to pick dah buster up...and maybe I can get the first chapter of my book written and then...maybe I'll outline. IDK... :P

Y'all have a super, duper evening! And an awesome day tomorrow! :D Be sure to smile and shine for Christ, no matter where you are!

My New Characters

I'm very happy to have found pictures of my two newest characters. Reed and Margaret (Maggie). Now that I've done one of the more fun parts...I have to get down to business and outline.

But, before I start are my charries.

Reed Warren. He's 22 years old, but for most of the book, thinks he's 19. He's a laid back kind of guy in some areas, but very uptight in others. He's a closet country music fan and a country boy at heart, though he was born and raised in the city and (in his 19 year old life) is on his way to being a very successful sales rep for a major land company. Though, in reality, at 22 is up for the VP slot of the company. While he's hungry for success in business, his biggest desire is to get married and be a family man.
He hates wearing suits, too.

Maggie White. She's 21, but thinks she's 18 for most of the novel. She finished highschool early and (in her 18 year old life) is in her second year of college. She's a control freak of sorts and likes things just so. She hates the idea of the country and loves rock music. Though, most people who find that out are shocked because of her gentle (though strong) personality and look. She sings, but tells few people and is in the music business as a studio worker, where she hopes to meet connections to launch her into her music career. Getting married and having a family is the last thing on her mind. Until, you know who comes a long, of course. In her 21 year old life, she's on the verge of getting a contract with a major recording studio/vocal producer.


Sunday, September 30, 2012

A journey to the place where rain doth fall and the lights shine yellow...

 That's right, folks! Dollar General! :P
No...there's no reason at all that I need to post this, but I realize that too many of my posts don't have pictures in them. Terrible thing, right?
And...I kinda felt like PJ went with Em and I to DG. Though, I'll have to keep it brief...Jakie Bug is going to spend the night here, so I'll be staying out with him in the den so that Tina can take Bonnie to her Dr. appt tomorrow. And he JUST got here!...
It's a few minutes later...So...he's kinda settled down now. I'll probably stick in a movie for him so that he'll settle down and maybe I can outline a bit.
Hope y'all had a super, duper day! :) And have an epic day tomorrow! Be sure to smile and shine for Christ, no natter where you are! :)
First...gas stop. Prices aren't too bad. Isn't that sad? ...

Hmmm...she left the keys in the car. I want to go to Dothan...hmmmmmmm...

But, we just went to DG instead. :/ :P

Macro shot...didn't turn out like I wanted.

I've had to wear my glasses a bit more lately. When I went into Dad and Mom's room tonight, for some reason, Dad didn't believe they were my glasses. 0.0 :P

"Walking between the raindrops, riding the after shock beside you..." yeah...when a song gets stuck in my really gets stuck.

 Have a great night!
Peace, beans and nuts, y'all! :-D

The time has come

Well...I haven't written in what feels like forever. Even if it's only been a couple or few months. It feels like forever. Maybe because I was working either on my book, a short story, song or poem almost constantly for well over a year. Then, I finished my book and wrote a short story or two...maybe a few songs and a poem or so, and that's been it. I got ready to dive right into my next novel, but I just felt tired of writing. So, I waited a bit then started my next planned book. But it went in the totally wrong direction, so I stopped it and just haven't felt the urge to write. Or had the inspiration.
However! Over the last couple of weeks my author side has been absolutely bugging me to death and I've been itching like crazy to get back to writing. I didn't know what to write, so I went to the story idea section of the writing for I used to be on and read through some of my ideas. I have narrowed it down to two that I will choose from right now and I think I may know which one I'm going to do...but I thought I'd put them both up here and see what folks thought. It'd be a big help if you could just say 1 or 2. :)
I wrote these a while ago and really should refine then into real synopsis, but I think they should, at least, get the idea across enough. Before I start either of them, I'll have to outline the one I choose to work on right now. Though, I will be as basic as humanly possible. :P

Story # 1 ~ Amnesia (Title not firmly set)
(This story is meant to be a mild comedy of sorts and I don't have everything firmly in place, but I liked the idea when I read it again.

A husband and wife, who are both around 22 years old, get into a car accident. They both go to the hospital with head injuries. Jill recovers and goes back to life...except she thinks she is 19 again. Before she met Dave. She thinks she is still living at home with her parents finishing her degree with no plans for marriage whatsoever. Meanwhile...Dave is in the hospital and they don't know if he will live. Jill's parents and Dave's parents are all close. But Jill acts like she's never met his parents...making it very hard on them and on her parents.
Dave lives and comes out and goes back to his parents to live for a while...because he thinks he's 19 again too. Before he met Jill.
The parents have to figure out a way to re-introduce Jill and Dave and "get them back together" without telling them what's going on because that could ruin any hope of recovery for them.
Jill and Dave meet... and show no interest in eachother, leaving the parents in a very awkward position. They have to keep getting them together somehow which makes for some very strange, awkward, comical moments because Jill and Dave have no idea why their parents are so set on getting them together when neither of them cared for their children to get married at all. PLUS the parents are all acting very familiar.
To complicate matters...Jill is just barely pregnant. 

It's up to the parents to get them back together for their sake, their childrens' sakes...and now for the sake of their grandchild.  But, how will they do it? And the real question...can they do it?


 Story # 2 ~ No Title Yet :P
(This story would be on the action/thriller side of the genre spectrum and is not intended to be a romance, though I expect a romantic subplot would be involved. I can't seem to avoid those. :P)

A woman is the the middle of writing the sequel to a very, very successful fictional novel...when she sees her MC IRL. She sees him and recognizes him...but thinks it's just a coincidence. I am thinking she sees him in a gas station or something...then she sees him go out to his car...and it's the same exact car that her MC had in her book...and it even has the same custom paint job. One of a kind.
She is a little...taken aback, but shakes it off...
Then she sees him again somehow and someone mentions his name and it is her MC's name.
She decided to do a little exploring and discovers that he is not just like her MC...he IS her MC. He is living in the book that she wrote first.
So he is living the prequel and she is writing the sequel. So...she knows what will happen to him etc.
Anything she writes...will happen to him.
She doesn't tell him and they become really good friends...
Due to popular demand she had intended to kill the MC in the end of the book...but there are obviously complications now.

It gets confusing when he has to go through some things that SHE wrote. And she tries to stop them...but gets tangled up in them instead...

Friday, September 28, 2012

Hold on and take a breath. I'll be here every step.

 That's all I have to say.

Okay, you know better than that. But seriously...what a day! I think this has been the longest day in a long time. Yep. I was like...2:30 and I was saying "It's too late to just be 2:30!" :P 
But, the day is nearly over. The only thing left to do is get a shower and make sure the final prep is done for tomorrow. Tomorrow is the St. Judes hospital fund raiser in FL!
I'm getting up early (and I mean early for a normal person) to be up and ready to help with all the last minutes stuff that we can do today.
Oh, and miss Tammy called and asked me to sing America the Beautiful right after I sing the Nastional anthem...I've never really done that one before either, but it's such a well known song that it's not hard. Thankfully. And I'm thrilled to do it because! Naomi gets more time in the ring on her horse annnd...annnd!!! DAD is carrying the American flag and he's going to wear his Dress Blues and salute the flag!!!!!!!!!! Agh...I am going to break down crying watching can I sing and cry? :P I'm so proud of my Dad. :)
Anyhooo...Mr. JJ and some of the Kings are going to be here bright (actually, it'll still be dark) and early tomorrow and we'll be on the road by 5:30, DV. I think we're going to stop by a gas station, so I may...just may see what an energy drink will do. IDK...prob not...ugh...maybe I'll have one in :P
So...PJ got some pix today...

Our cooler with very fancy duct tape on it...
Isn't our getup uh...pretty?

Seems like forever since I've gone out and got some pictures. I've missed it. Thankfully, I had a couple minutes while the others were lunging the horses. This picture deserves a poem or a song I think...

And I don't expect to blog tomorrow...whewy! It's gonna be a day!!! But an awesome one. I'm looking forward to it. :)
Y'all have a restful, enjoyable, epic evening! And have an AWESOME day tomorrow! :D BE sure to smile and shine for matter where you are! :)