Sunday, September 30, 2012

A journey to the place where rain doth fall and the lights shine yellow...

 That's right, folks! Dollar General! :P
No...there's no reason at all that I need to post this, but I realize that too many of my posts don't have pictures in them. Terrible thing, right?
And...I kinda felt like PJ went with Em and I to DG. Though, I'll have to keep it brief...Jakie Bug is going to spend the night here, so I'll be staying out with him in the den so that Tina can take Bonnie to her Dr. appt tomorrow. And he JUST got here!...
It's a few minutes later...So...he's kinda settled down now. I'll probably stick in a movie for him so that he'll settle down and maybe I can outline a bit.
Hope y'all had a super, duper day! :) And have an epic day tomorrow! Be sure to smile and shine for Christ, no natter where you are! :)
First...gas stop. Prices aren't too bad. Isn't that sad? ...

Hmmm...she left the keys in the car. I want to go to Dothan...hmmmmmmm...

But, we just went to DG instead. :/ :P

Macro shot...didn't turn out like I wanted.

I've had to wear my glasses a bit more lately. When I went into Dad and Mom's room tonight, for some reason, Dad didn't believe they were my glasses. 0.0 :P

"Walking between the raindrops, riding the after shock beside you..." yeah...when a song gets stuck in my really gets stuck.

 Have a great night!
Peace, beans and nuts, y'all! :-D

The time has come

Well...I haven't written in what feels like forever. Even if it's only been a couple or few months. It feels like forever. Maybe because I was working either on my book, a short story, song or poem almost constantly for well over a year. Then, I finished my book and wrote a short story or two...maybe a few songs and a poem or so, and that's been it. I got ready to dive right into my next novel, but I just felt tired of writing. So, I waited a bit then started my next planned book. But it went in the totally wrong direction, so I stopped it and just haven't felt the urge to write. Or had the inspiration.
However! Over the last couple of weeks my author side has been absolutely bugging me to death and I've been itching like crazy to get back to writing. I didn't know what to write, so I went to the story idea section of the writing for I used to be on and read through some of my ideas. I have narrowed it down to two that I will choose from right now and I think I may know which one I'm going to do...but I thought I'd put them both up here and see what folks thought. It'd be a big help if you could just say 1 or 2. :)
I wrote these a while ago and really should refine then into real synopsis, but I think they should, at least, get the idea across enough. Before I start either of them, I'll have to outline the one I choose to work on right now. Though, I will be as basic as humanly possible. :P

Story # 1 ~ Amnesia (Title not firmly set)
(This story is meant to be a mild comedy of sorts and I don't have everything firmly in place, but I liked the idea when I read it again.

A husband and wife, who are both around 22 years old, get into a car accident. They both go to the hospital with head injuries. Jill recovers and goes back to life...except she thinks she is 19 again. Before she met Dave. She thinks she is still living at home with her parents finishing her degree with no plans for marriage whatsoever. Meanwhile...Dave is in the hospital and they don't know if he will live. Jill's parents and Dave's parents are all close. But Jill acts like she's never met his parents...making it very hard on them and on her parents.
Dave lives and comes out and goes back to his parents to live for a while...because he thinks he's 19 again too. Before he met Jill.
The parents have to figure out a way to re-introduce Jill and Dave and "get them back together" without telling them what's going on because that could ruin any hope of recovery for them.
Jill and Dave meet... and show no interest in eachother, leaving the parents in a very awkward position. They have to keep getting them together somehow which makes for some very strange, awkward, comical moments because Jill and Dave have no idea why their parents are so set on getting them together when neither of them cared for their children to get married at all. PLUS the parents are all acting very familiar.
To complicate matters...Jill is just barely pregnant. 

It's up to the parents to get them back together for their sake, their childrens' sakes...and now for the sake of their grandchild.  But, how will they do it? And the real question...can they do it?


 Story # 2 ~ No Title Yet :P
(This story would be on the action/thriller side of the genre spectrum and is not intended to be a romance, though I expect a romantic subplot would be involved. I can't seem to avoid those. :P)

A woman is the the middle of writing the sequel to a very, very successful fictional novel...when she sees her MC IRL. She sees him and recognizes him...but thinks it's just a coincidence. I am thinking she sees him in a gas station or something...then she sees him go out to his car...and it's the same exact car that her MC had in her book...and it even has the same custom paint job. One of a kind.
She is a little...taken aback, but shakes it off...
Then she sees him again somehow and someone mentions his name and it is her MC's name.
She decided to do a little exploring and discovers that he is not just like her MC...he IS her MC. He is living in the book that she wrote first.
So he is living the prequel and she is writing the sequel. So...she knows what will happen to him etc.
Anything she writes...will happen to him.
She doesn't tell him and they become really good friends...
Due to popular demand she had intended to kill the MC in the end of the book...but there are obviously complications now.

It gets confusing when he has to go through some things that SHE wrote. And she tries to stop them...but gets tangled up in them instead...

Friday, September 28, 2012

Hold on and take a breath. I'll be here every step.

 That's all I have to say.

Okay, you know better than that. But seriously...what a day! I think this has been the longest day in a long time. Yep. I was like...2:30 and I was saying "It's too late to just be 2:30!" :P 
But, the day is nearly over. The only thing left to do is get a shower and make sure the final prep is done for tomorrow. Tomorrow is the St. Judes hospital fund raiser in FL!
I'm getting up early (and I mean early for a normal person) to be up and ready to help with all the last minutes stuff that we can do today.
Oh, and miss Tammy called and asked me to sing America the Beautiful right after I sing the Nastional anthem...I've never really done that one before either, but it's such a well known song that it's not hard. Thankfully. And I'm thrilled to do it because! Naomi gets more time in the ring on her horse annnd...annnd!!! DAD is carrying the American flag and he's going to wear his Dress Blues and salute the flag!!!!!!!!!! Agh...I am going to break down crying watching can I sing and cry? :P I'm so proud of my Dad. :)
Anyhooo...Mr. JJ and some of the Kings are going to be here bright (actually, it'll still be dark) and early tomorrow and we'll be on the road by 5:30, DV. I think we're going to stop by a gas station, so I may...just may see what an energy drink will do. IDK...prob not...ugh...maybe I'll have one in :P
So...PJ got some pix today...

Our cooler with very fancy duct tape on it...
Isn't our getup uh...pretty?

Seems like forever since I've gone out and got some pictures. I've missed it. Thankfully, I had a couple minutes while the others were lunging the horses. This picture deserves a poem or a song I think...

And I don't expect to blog tomorrow...whewy! It's gonna be a day!!! But an awesome one. I'm looking forward to it. :)
Y'all have a restful, enjoyable, epic evening! And have an AWESOME day tomorrow! :D BE sure to smile and shine for matter where you are! :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Off into the sunset, living like there's nothing left to lose

I have fallen behind in blogging! Shame on me. I went a whole day without throwing something up here. Forgive me. Do.

But, here I am. I have confessed. And now I remedy.
Aaaaand...this is where I ramble, right? Uhhh, I really can't think of no rambling to put out for rambling though. :P I always have a ton to say, then when it comes down to it...well, I forget. So...hmmmm....okay, my mind is wandering. :P So! PJ has plenty to say! Here ya is! :D Take it, PJ!

Thanks to the King fam for the breakfast cookie recipe...that's one cool breakfast. 8-)
This is the... K-k-kombucha tea. My first batch finished brewing. So we tried it., I really can't describe what we thought of it, so I'd better just show you...

Yeah...Em had PJ and this is exactly my reaction. It literally burned my throat...but that was when it was warm. It's easier to handle cold. The truth's cool stuff and I am going to drink it!

Last night was Bible study at the B's house. I love these kids. 8-)

Lucie...this girl is. so. cute. 0.0

Annie and Lucie. They're such awesome little girls. Me likes them. Me keeps asking their mommy if I can take them home with me. She says no... :/ :P

Titus...getting away to somewhere.

And today...just I had both of the kiddos for the whole morning. Up till about...2 or so. Mom and the kids went to horse lessons and Em had to work. So, after I went and did some work at my neighbor's place, I came back and cleaned some stuff up...kinda dozed in and out on the couch for a while...then I had to become wide awake! :P Because...well...those of you who know Jacob Blaine know why.

Pretty blue Bonnie eyes.

Pretty Bonnie. :-)


Jacob and his dawg


Jakie bug drawing. I tell's simply incredible what just a page with doodling on it can do to and for you. Incredible I tell you. Epic even.

And! More drawing...he's very talented. *Nod*

And that was all I got! Got too busy to get more. :P
Hope y'all had an awesome day! Lots of smiling, yes? :D
We need music, don't we? Yes...we do. So...what shall it be? I have found a new favorite song. ...but for this blog post, let's got with a classic. And YES...Relient K is classic. 8-)

And...because one is never enough!

Y'all have an AWESOME day tomorrow! :D Be sure to smile and shine for matter where you are! :D :D LOTS to smile about. LOTS to be thankful is so beautiful. :)
Peace, y'all!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Well, the truth is...when things seem unclear, if I turn music on...just for those three minutes of the song...they feel clear. :P Crazy, huh? I guess that's why you (or at least I) have to be so careful with what you listen to. Yep? Yep.
So...I bought Jason Gray's album, A Way to See Through the Dark" yesterday...and it's really...really awesome, I think. It's kinda funny how it's not exactly what I'd call "my style" all of the time. Maybe I am grabbed by lyrics more these days...and I tell ya...Jason Gray can write some lyrics!'s some of my favorites off of this album. And I think I'll drop by Lifeway and see what other stuff he has...once funds allow. :P

This one is simply awwwwesome. And another thing I like about Gray's work...he speaks deep, hard truth, but not in a way to be depressing. That's a gift, I think. Love the end of this song. Subtle, but strong and beautiful.

This one...well...what can I say that he doesn't say in the song?

This one just makes me smile and think..."Yep, yep, yep." :P My favorite line "I'm giving up, giving in, once again...Child like faith is my only way to see through the dark." And there are many kinds of dark...doesn't have to be "bad" dark...maybe just...unclarity or something.

This one? Ah...the lyrics are just...amazing. The chorus is so incredible and true.

And the last one that I'll post. :P I just love the end line of the chorus.

And that is enough (more than. :P ) for now! Even if I COULD have posted more. :P
Y'all have an epic day tomorrow! Lots of smiles and shining for Christ! Remember...God is good, God is with us, life is beautiful and there is so much to live for. Those things are always clear...simply because God is that good. :) So SMILE! :D

Monday, September 24, 2012

It's not a dream anymore!

 Guess what?! I actually got some pictures today! :D Not many...but's progress. :P
Today was nice...nice as Mondays get, I suppose. :P Didn't have too much going was a normal day. Felt long. But wait...that's normal, right? Long isn't always bad and I got a good bit done. So this is good! was a very, very good day in ways. As are all days...but some days are even extra very, very good. :P
Anyhoo! I won't ramble tonight...I've been rambling ALL night long...Em and I went to town and I wouldn't. stop. talking. 0.0 That's not really like me... :P

Every day Dad, Mom and the little girls go work with the horses.                                    
IDK why I found this pretty...but it is kinda pretty. I love woods...looking through woods...thick woods...must be the Narnian still in me that will never leave. And I don't mind. It can stay. :P

Naomi through all the kicked up dirt

Maggie..nuff said.

Toooo adorable. See the little thing in the middle of the pen with the rope swinging over her head? Yep...that's Naomi.

I love this. Is it just me or is he big? Or is she small?

Brotha is always good to keep me company when I work in the kitchen. Good brotha.

Za Russian Mushroom Tea. Yerp. That there is Kombucha tea. It will be ready on Wednesday. I was...actually...happy to see the scoby growing on top...but that's probably because my last two batches didn't work. Thanks to Miss Roxie from church giving us FRESH scobies, instead of the dehydrated one, it's working! I'm still...interested to see how it tastes. smells...potent. :P

This is all we have going right now, but come Wed. there will be twice this brewing...and then the next Wed...twice that...and so on. I keep a cloth over them since they are supposed to be kept in the dark. Sheesh...this is weird. :P

Oh yessssssss.  8-) I love Corvettes. Well...I have one that's my favorite, but I've never actually "seen" it in person. It's epic though. Totally. ...this one doesn't compare...but it's still pretty dawgon awesome. I had to get a picture. Aint it pretty? seems I am in the habit of posting music...havins ya noticed this? :P Well, this is a song that I have actually loved for a long time. Well over a year now. But...I guess I never really understood what it meant fully until recently. I actually bought Jason Gray's album today (yes...I went to's pathetic how happy that makes me. :P )...and Em dropped by Target afterward and I decided to wait out in the car. So...I put my album in and listened to this has my other favorite by him on here...and I can't WAIT to get back to my room to listen to the others! I actually haven't heard too much by him, but I love his voice. Oh...and an interesting fact for ya...he stutters when he talks...but not when he sings. Isn't that amazing? He seems like a really neat guy from what I've read from him. God's already used his music and words in my life. That's always amazing. Anyhoo! Here's the song! (Ha! And you really believed me when I said I wasn't going to ramble!) The bridge is beeeautiful, btw. Lyrics-wise. The whole song reminds me of a Psalm in nature.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

There's nothing else to lose, there's nothing else to find

Well, church was today. And it almost feels like it was yesterday for some reason. :P I woke up at about 6 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep soooo, it feels like three days crammed into one just cuz it's seemed so long. :P But, it's been an amazing day in some ways. :) It's amazing how God always knows just what to do. Just who do use and how at just the right time.
Church was refreshing. Pastor Donald gave an excellent message on submission. Not my favorite subject. :P But it was really great and insightful.
After a wonderful time of fellowship at church, we came home and Dad took Mom on their weekly (scheduled :P ) date and left us kids here to try and survive on our own without them till their return. *sniff* but! The kids have raspberry bars left from we are making it. I had one too and they weren't bad at all. Em made them...good job, sis. I made up lunch again for church...teehee...why does that give me a strange, almost...rebel kind of pleasure? Like...I don't follow a recipe...the recipe can't tell me what to do! Mwahaha. Ha. *cough* It wasn't bad either...but it was better last time I made it. :/ But I won't write it down...or else...then the next time I make it I would have to follow a recipe (even if it was my own) and that's just. not. fun. Nope. I'm a bit (really) crazy when it comes to my...uhhhh...womanly pride and household duties? I mean...why not shake it up and make it a bit more exciting, right? :P
I think Em and I are gonna watch the movie "Cowboys and Aliens" tonight. When I was little aliens freeeaked me out (and maybe they still do to an extent...even if they aren't real. Funny how the things that are the most not real can be the scariest.). Really....I don't expect much. :P But Em and I have both been curious about the film and it'll be awesome to hang out with her. :)
I am really not taking pictures like I should these days...shame, shame, shame. But! I AM listening to music. :D (Of course!) about some of that? Eh?

How about...good ol' Relient K. 8-) One of mah favs by them. And is that stars I see in this video? IDK...I haven't watched the vid yet. :P The awesome thing about pressing on is...pressing on doesn't mean you have to have to wrestle with life or always be fighting like a crazed warrior. Pressing on just means...trusting Christ. Letting go and laying it at His feet. Simple, right? It is if you have perspective and look at it right. just takes God using a special tool to show this to you. And He never fails to use those tools...isn't that beautiful? Crazy how much you can not deserve something that you have anyways. Knocks you on your face in gratitude and awe. God is beyond amazing. Anyways! Here's the song! :D

Saturday, September 22, 2012

When I look at the stars...

Loooong day...are you surprised? I bet not. :P And I am actually far too tired to write it all up. I think I was awake for about thirty minutes all day...around 7:15 tonight on the way home. :P I didn't get any pictures today, but Em got a picture of all of us before we left.

Eli was really kind and volunteered for the event...everyone enjoyed having him along. :)

And, because nothing (almost nothing) is complete without epic song that is almost constantly going through my head these days... 8-) (I have not previewed the video, btw...but I think it's just lyrics.)

And I thought I'd go ahead and share this Psalm that I memorized a within the last couple of months or's just about the most amazing thing to have in your mind and quote when you need some comfort or peace or perspective. It really is...hmmm...maybe a good word for it. Comforting. Anyways! Here's the Psalm. :)

Psalm 121
I lift up my eyes to the hills.
    From where does my help come?
My help comes from the Lord,
    who made heaven and earth.
He will not let your foot be moved;
    He who keeps you will not slumber.
Behold, He who keeps Israel
    will neither slumber nor sleep.
The Lord is your keeper;
    the Lord is your shade on your right hand.
The sun shall not strike you by day,
    nor the moon by night.
The Lord will keep you from all evil;
   He will keep your life.
The Lord will keep
    your going out and your coming in
    from this time forth and forevermore.

Y'all have an awesome night and smile a lot and think about epic things. And try to rest. And smile some more. And do have an amazing day tomorrow. :) And...shine for Christ! :D Peace out.

Friday, September 21, 2012

And tonight, I won't stop looking at the stars

Wowie...what a day! Loooong. :P But, got a lot done. I did things in a scattered fashion though, so I can barely put a list of the things I did together. I'm waiting for the second loaf of bread to rise so I can bake it...then go take a shower and try to get some sleep before a busy, busy day tomorrow. I'm so looking forward to tomorrow...gonna be SO awesome. :D Headed down to Florida for the big practice day for the show next week. I still don't have the National Anthem we'll just have to see what happens tomorrow and pray it works. :P
We got all of the sound equipment together with chords, mics and song CD's ready today...I'm sure it would have gone much faster if I had any kind of clue to what I was doing...but we got it done. 8-) I found out today that I am singing another song for the show...but it's just Amazing Grace...whew. :P
This is a song that I've heard on the radio a good bit lately and it's really a beautiful song...with such beautiful lyrics...I love the first verse and can relate to it so much sometimes. A lot of the time. Most of the time. Almost all of the time. :P
Anyhoo! Here's a great song from Jason Gray. (And this video matches my blog! :D )

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why not? I did two posts. But 2 is such a boring #. 3 is much better. Don't you think? So...I've heard this song a good many times...but it didn't really mean anything much to me until earlier this week. I love the chorus. Not normally my style. I actually rarely, rarely like female vocals in CCM...but this song is awesome. I think being brave means something different to could be facing someone you don't want to, extending forgiveness or even facing something in your life that you don't want to and being brave enough to do something about it. Simply facing it and backing it down. Be it something going on now or something in the past. You never realize how hard that can be till you actually realize it's there and have to face it. And it's God that makes us brave...or at least want to be brave. That's so amazing. Anyhoo...preaching, preaching. :P Sorry. :P
Here's the song! ENJOY! :D

My new lap desk...

Yes, not only two posts in one day...but two posts within the same hour! :P Em got this picture of Jakie Bug and me all stacked up with my computer while I was blogging. Now just take a look at Jacob...isn't he the cutest lap desk eeever?

 Well, it was another lovely day here in beautiful Bammy! The sky was bright blue and it only got just a little too hot. Now, the night is so pretty with the stars shining brightly. :)
Right now I have Jakie-Bug on my lap in the rocking chair. He's just about asleep and since my internet shuts off at 9:30...I thought he and I could blog together. So it's the chair, then me, then Jacob, then my computer all stacked on top of each other. :P 
There aren't too many pictures and none of them really go together...I have been pretty out of picture taking the last couple of weeks. I should get back on top of it. 
Anyways! Today ended up being a day of organizing. So the kids did school between jobs Mom would send them on. I did a few jobs and we got a lot done. It always feels wonderful to have a full day in and have so much done. 
This Saturday is the practice for the Star Chasers Mounted Drill Team's fund raising show for St. Judes Childrens' hospital. I am actually really excited about feels like forever since I been down there and I've missed the team a lot! Can't wait to see everyone and find out what volunteer work I'll be doing. Oh, yeah...and I'm going to be doing the Star Spangled Banner...performing it for the first time...and I really should get it all together because it's different every single time I do it. :P The show is next has crept up so fast! 
Well, in the time it has taken me to write this, Jacob has fallen asleep on me and I hope my arm doesn't go numb lol.
Anyhoo...sure do hope y'all had a wooonderful day today! Full of lots of smiles and shining! :D try and have an epic day tomorrow! Think happy thoughts and bright sights. :)
Later, folkses! Be sure to smile and shine for Christ, no matter where you are! 

My window faces the east and every morning I see this through my curtain...I thought it was kinda pretty. :)
I have all these words on my window and so when the sun shines through, it looks like the above picture through my curtain. I just thought it looked neat and I am kinda obsessed with experimenting with taking pictures of shadows lately. :P

Em found this floor chair and recovered it for me. It was incredibly nice of her and I loooove it. :D Goodbye bean bags! (Oh, and she got me that fur throw too...I have no idea what the occasion was...but it was ridiculously kind of her, I think.)

Aaaaand she put this beautiful purple trim on the bag! :D It matches my room! ^_^

And Jacob wanted a hot I made him a hot dog. :P And he rather enjoyed it. 

Jacob is on the hunt...wouldn't smile for the picture. Da stinka!

Two minions. 8-)

Jacob has sooo much fun with these empty pickle barrels. He gets in them and rolls around and then he pushes it around...rather adorable. ^_^