About Me

Well, my name is Anna and I am an 19  year old bond servant of Christ Jesus by the will and grace of Him. 
I was born into an Army family and am proud to say that my father served for 20 years, which included our family moving all over the place, after which he retired and we moved back home to southeast Alabama.
I am blessed to be in a family with 8 children here on earth and many more siblings in Heaven. I am number 4 of the 8 here. I have two married brothers, two nephews and two nieces. 
We live on something of a hobby farm with some of the typical animals. (I say we need a tiger to set us apart, but Mom and Dad don't agree for some reason.)
There's honestly not a whole lot to me (at least not that I care to put on the WWW :P). I am, first and foremost, a daughter of Christ Jesus. I have seen how dark the world is when Christ is not trusted and at the center, and I have, thankfully, seen how glorious and beautiful it is when He is believed, trusted and leaned on.
If I believe in anything, I believe in hope and that it comes from Christ. I believe in faith and love. 
I do not believe in fear, unless it is the holy fear of Christ. I believe that fear is a lie.
I believe in beauty in this life. A few years ago, I might not have said that and really meant it. But God, in His mercy, has shown me that there is always, always beauty in life. And...it's really amazing how He can show a person that in the most beautiful and miraculous way.
Yes...I believe in miracles. Even now. Invisible miracles that come in very visible ways.
I believe in dreams, as long as they are from Christ. I believe in dreaming, as long as it is in the will of Christ. Yes, I have my dreams and I do believe in them. I have reason to and I am thankful...more than I can say.
I believe in living apart from the world, but not living on another planet. We were put here for a reason and it is my desire to spread the light of Christ and "shine" for Him to those who do not yet know Him. I don't believe in separating myself completely and living with only "my own kind". And one reason for that is that I have found there aren't too many of "my kind". And I'm content with that. 
I love, love, love music and you can find me singing it almost all day every day...and even bobbing my head to a beat that isn't playing anywhere but in my head. :P I also love, love, love to write. If anyone asked me to choose between that and music...I don't really know what I would do. I have completed one novel and have many more planned. I have written a handful of short stories and quite a few song lyrics.
I love to cook, tend to the house and take care of kids. And that's a good thing since I believe that is where God has called me to be for my life now in my father's house and later, Lord willing, when I have a family of my own. I am in a courtship of sorts with an incredible Man...I say a courtship of "sorts" because we are past the typical courtship stage, but not quite to the next step. It seems complicated when I try to describe it, but I wouldn't have it any other way and I can't say how thankful I am for how God has worked.
I work at a local plant nursery and am enjoying the extra moola that let's me have and save!
Not really much more to tell. God is good, life is beautiful and there is always a reason to smile! :)