Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Wednesday!!! (A post of much nutty randomness. Read at your own risk. I won't say what the odds of survival are.)

 So, if the title of my post didn't scare you off... *bows and takes hat off*. Hurrah for you! You're a brave specimen, for sure. (You should probably take that as a compliment.)

Do you know what I've done today? Well...a lot. But, one thing I have done is say many, random things. Seriously...if just about anybody heard me...they'd think I was nuts! And guess what? ...somebody did hear me. Several somebodies actually. That's right...myyyy family. Yep. And guess what they said to me? They said I was nuts! Ha! The nerve right? Well, of course I asked what kind of nut I was...and guess what kind they said every time I asked? Well, I'll just let you guess! That's what I'll do. But I tell ya...*shakes head* the odds are completely against the answer.
Did you know that we have a bunch of eggs in a blingy, red basket sitting on our counter all the time? Yep. We do. And guess what I almost did today? I almost grabbed one and threw it...why? IDK...doesn't that sound like fun? did till I thought about what Mom would I just looked at the eggs and grinned instead. And I think I scared them too because they've stayed as still as stone statues all day!
Do you know what this time last year was? It was...*thinks* Oh! It was August 31st! But, It wasn't a Friday. Nope. It wasn't. 
Did you know that a whole year has past since August 31st of last year? Yep. It has. Why am I saying this obvious statement? Ummm...well....why not?! It leaves you wondering...right? Or does it? I'm left wondering. I tell ya...the circles things can take! Complete 180's, I tell you!
So...if that wasn't enough randomness for you...just check out these pictures I got today. :D (Or don't...the question is...are you nut enough to see them?)

Guess what?! Today was the first day in...what seems like forever...that it was actually sunny alllllll day long! What are the odds right? I think that's epic, don't you? :D

This is what they call A child. *nods* Well...something like that.

You know what this picture means...riiight? No? Ha! Gotcha!

Guess what this is? I'll anyone who can tell me what this picture ACTUALLY means.

This is not a Sharpie marker, y'all. This is one of them new, fancy epic doodlers. You can do lots of epic doodling with it. How do I know...hehe.

Would you believe that I found a kind of beans that I'd never heard of before? And in my very own pantry! These must be Mommy's beans.

I saw these red, star shaped flowers are still in I thought...why not get another picture?! :D
Hope y'all had a superextraawesome day! :D SMILE! Why? Well...if you're anything like me...reasons will pop up right before your eyes when you least expect them...and need them most. That's called, God working, folks. 8-) 
Have an epic evening. :-)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

If you love music, love guitar, love! (And even if you don't love any of it anyways!)

Ever have one of those days where you just need music? Well...that's totally me today. I'm completely in love with my new TAN album...but I keep listening to this for some reason. Maybe it's because I am COMPLETELY jealous of Josh Wilson's guitar skills in this's probably not it. :P The truth's pure talent with music. And I love that. A lot. You have to watch the entire vid to understand how he does this with the loop pedal. It's really...realllly neat and I always, always start grinning when the vid hits 2 minutes and 20 seconds. It's just so neat and I love it. I love the guitar...I've got the passion it takes to be an amazing's the talent I'm lacking. :P So it's awesome to get to watch someone use this amazing gift for Christ. Josh Wilson is one of my favorite artists...and I had no idea how good he was at the guitar till I watched this. Is so neat. :)
Anyhoo...hope y'all are having a great day! Remember to smile and shine for Christ no matter where you are! Hope you enjoy the video as much as I :P

And if that isn't enough (or even if it is) try this. :D Yeah...*heavy sigh*'s so good to just let yourself drown in music. 8-) This is one of my faaavorite songs...and I found his special version of the chorus to be rather awesome. (He is the original artist btw.)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


We got up pretty early this you can see.
Well, my friends! It is true. Home we are. Twas a dreadfully long drive home from Ft. Knox, but we survived and made rather good time and got home at around 4:30 central time.
The closer we got to home, the more excited I got. It was strange...I can't say I've ever been so excited about getting home. We had a wonderful time with Joel, Ginny and Blainers and missed seeing folks in Georgia...but really is so good to be home again.
Emily was here to greet us, of course and she and I didn't have some kind of a tearful reunion or anything (sorry...that's just not her and me together. :P ), but almost the instant we were alone, we dove deep into "bestie talk". Now she's got Siri (da iPhone) pointed at me and it's rather un-nerving. she's just sitting there staring at me...that's even more un-nerving. ...anyways! We are home and glad to be, I think.
Em and I ran up to Publix to get Mumsy and Dad some stuff and I found something out. You know what I found out? I found out that it's a ton of fun to watch the cashier's face when you say with a completely straight face, "Hey...I saw that y'all have the live lobsters back there and I was wondering if you have the the habitats for them." Yeah, that's fun. The reaction is fun. I'll have to try it again.
Anyhoo! We got up at o'dark thirty this morning and got on the road pretty fast!
Hope y'all are having a great week! Be sure to smile and shine for matter where you are! :D

The Minions in the van. Profound, right?

It rained. Also profound.

Still raining...this is part of the National Corvette Museum. I wanted to go muchly, but we really needed to get home. 

I think this is Nashville...I don't remember. But I liked the skyline.




The minion has sugar. The minion has caffeine. The minion has another four hours to have to sit still. Somehow...all of that doesn't go together in my mind.

Birmingham...starting to feel like home again.

I like dis heya kiddo! And dis heya kiddo likes smores pie! I'm not a smores fan, myself.

Why is this picture fuzzy? It's PJ's fault!!!! I guess.

Yes, in case you are wondering...we ARE in Alabama. How do I know? Because "The skies are so blue!".

Good ol' Newton! Getting even closer!!!

Now I just have to unpack. Ugh...that can wait for tomorrow...or maybe tonight. I DO have gatorade and music...hmmm...sounds like a nice night. Oh, IDK... :P
Well, we are home! No longer 1,000 miles away. Whew. Okay, now I've got this ridiculous...restless kind of feeling. *headpole* I need music.
Speaking of music...I pre ordered my new Tenth Avenue North album quite a while ago and it came out a few days wants to go to Lifeway and get it...soon. 0.0 I can't wait for it!!!! :D :D :D 
Peace, y'all! :D And SMILE! ...You never know who could be lurking in your noggin. *Mischievous Childish look* Is ya spooked? :D
Yeah...before I get to weird and nutty on you...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Meet the Minions

Hey y'all!
Just letting you know that I did a new page dedicated to the my younger siblings...or, the Minions. ;)
It's up on the bar under the title of my blog next to "My Music", if you want to check it out.
And the latest post of our vacation is below this one...just posted it a bit ago. ;)
Hope y'all are having a super duper day! :D

Vacation, 2012~Day 11...Still Here

 Well...we are still at Knox. Turns out the storm is going to hit home pretty hard tomorrow we're gonna head back to be there for whatever needs to be done in the storm. But! Dad and Mom decided to spend the day here at Ft. Knox and do some stuff around here. Turns rained off and on all. day. long. So, we ended up driving around most of the time...but such is life. :P It was still nice to just hang out together. And we feel right at home with the weather so incredibly humid. Right now, Dad has taken Mom on a dinner date, so I am...once the hands of the Minions who are rather caught up in watching Spy Kids 2. Strange movie...but if the Minions like be it. I'm listening to music. Right now I'm on a Michael Buble song that mah Cuzin, Sarah, sent me. I love this song. Buble is the only artist that I like in the style he does. And this song is sooooo pretty. 0.0 Anyhoo...before I get going on music again. :P Gonna be getting up and heading out pretty early in the morning...hoping and praying that we don't hit any storms on the way home. I seriously don't do well with storms in the car. :P Soooo, hope y'all had an epic day! :D 

First thing this the weather.

Everyone else went down to breakfast and I hung back at the room and got a couple things that I wanted to done. Cozy, aint it?

Ooookay...I found a wardrobe in the bedroom. I've tried SO many ways to get into Narnia...but never a wardrobe. I was so excited and completely certain that as soon as I stepped foot into the wardrobe, I'd be in Narnia...well...

Narnia isn't in this one. :'( I was rather disappointed, if you can't tell.  Guess I'll try jumping in a puddle in a pretty forest next.

And, we headed out! :D

Went to the thrift store first.

The PX of course.

We got lunch at Burger King in the PX and I told Lydia to give me some "smile power". 8-)

Abby has been my shadow like.

Okay, after a TON of trying to do other stuff and being rained out on all of them...we went to the bowling alley and the minions bowled.

So, they have a "pay per song" a modern jukebox...and it BLARES the music over the speakers of the entire bowling alley. Guess who I played? 8-) Yes...and it was epic. Pounding my music into the heads of everyone there...why did that make me grin like a hyena? Hmmm...I must be nuts.

Finally...people appreciate that Children are sensitive, delicate, caring human beings who deserve respect, attention and consideration. *firm nod*

Then, the parents went outside and left the Minions with me.

And I put them to work. 8-) Okay...not really. Naomi decided to do situps and pushups. 0.0

Then the Minions played on the playground for like...ten minutes before the rain hit again. :P

And we came back to the room. Mumsy bribed me with a Coke to watch the Minions. They didn't have Coke I went with Pepsi...cuz my other options were Mountain Dew (evil stuff) and Green Tea (NASTY stuff).

And here we sit!!!
I plan on blogging again tomorrow after we get home...IF we have power. :P So, until then...y'all smile and shine brightly for matter where you are! :D