Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A little late, but it's a post!

Okay! So, it's about 5:30 in the morning and I've been up for over an hour. Why on earth am I doing this terrifying and extremely out of character thing by being up so early? Well, Em has a flight to catch and Mom's taking her to the airport a couple of hours away and I am holding down the fort so...yeah. I woke up...looked outside and thought..."Okay...I am not a morning person, but THIS is not morning, people. This is still night!" Okay, so yes...I have a very immature outlook on sleeping and mornings. But really...maybe if I fell asleep before midnight I'd be less grumpy about it. Forgive me. Do. please.
Anyhoo! Yes, I have not been blogging much but I have been trying to! Does that count? :P Seriously though...I keep thinking "tonight, I'll blog!" happens and I end up not blogging. :P But anyways!
I have pictures from last week and oh! Yesterday was Micah's birthday! He turned 17...that. is. scary. I can't believe "little" brother is like...a young man. Golly. Out of all the's the hardest to believe that Micah is so old. I think just because...we've always been buddies. We made plans to travel the world together in our motor home that we were going to buy. We used to animate movies with doll house, play in the mud, dig fox holes, play laser tag etc. And as we've gotten older, our friendship as grown and I'm really just thankful for him. He's one of the easiest people in the world to get along with. He really is. And I know this sounds like a suck up section, but it's really not. :P It's true.
And...moving on!
The sun is starting to rise now...and I've finished my coffee...I'm trying to decide if I should get up and go get another cup. IDK...
I'll finish this post up first. Dad's at work, Mom took Micah and Naomi (and Em of course) and the girl are still in bed so it's just me up. Even Sadie is asleep on the couch next to me. :P

Enough rambling! Let's get some pictures. :D

Sometime early this week we needed feed for the horses, so Dad and I ran  (or drove, rather) down to  Hartford. Dad had to take a phone call when we got there and I sat in the car. And this station is the only one I can really stand to listen to down here. And even then...I'll just choose not to listen to music. :P It's the country station. I love some country. Some country I just can't handle. AFR is okay sometimes...WOOF FM has to be playing the right song. :P And better not start about music. I'll never shut up. :P 

One of the two games I ever play more than once a week on my phone. Tempe Run 2. I'm really not a gamer at all. 

Oh yes! I don't remember where this came from...I think a magazine...but it's a Tangled poster...of course it has to hang on my wall. :D

Mom and the girls have a show this I went down to co-ordinate and play DJ with the sound system. Mom is pretty good with the massive van and even massiver 4 horse trailer! 

Two of the girls and me in FL...yeah...I was tired. :P 

I didn't climb this tree this time...just for the record.  

Ashley...and I had to post this picture because she always gets "upset" when I take pictures of her. :P 

I grabbed this in the store thinking I might need it  in FL...I ended up not and  I still have it. I don't drink much soda in general...but today might just be the day for it. :P I've gotten less sleep before...the most time I've gone without sleep was 42-46 hours...but I just chilled that day...and today I've got stuff to do. :P 

The sound board for Starchasers...pretty cool right? Yeah...try singing and managing the sound board AND watching for signals from the riders all at once...tis quite the task. Because you don't want to mess don't want to mess up there. :P

Oh yes! I have a new little friend. He's awesome. He's quiet and clean and doesn't eat much. He's pretty and listens to anything I say and doesn't back talk. He never gets up set at me and never complains. friend ever! Just kidding. :P But! This is Vecter. My lone pet...and my room mate. Pretty cool, eh? Oh...and one awesome thing about him is that he doesn't bother my asthma a bit! His name is Vecter because Emily has a fish named you've seen Despicable'll understand. :P So! This is VECTER! OH YEAH! (From the movie. :P ) I can't wait for the next movie to come out. :D 

I must say...the love I had for bubble gum as a little girl just never went away. :P 

Hehe...Abby walked into my room while I was cleaning it I put her (and her braid) to good use! :P 

Veeecter. 8-)

On Sunday, we had to stop at the train tracks on our way to church. That train was a bit too close for my comfort. :P But the kids counted like...almost 100 cars on the thing. I would have gotten sick trying to do that. :P

I tried for a rockstar pose. I don't think it worked. :P 

So excited! IDK if I'll buy the whole album in June...probably just a few songs once I listen to them and decide what I like...but I was still excited to see this. For a while I thought that Hayley Williams had the most awesome female rock voice and that nobody could ever compare...but I found a new band/artist that's giving her a run for her money. I still can't say she's better than Hayley yet...but...I'm kinda liking her a lot. And the new group has a lot of acoustics aaaand...HER hair is blond so I don't feel as bad. :P 

Yesterday, I took care of the kids and the sick horse while everyone else was gone.  I took this picture because this angle reminds me of an island...I think it's so pretty.

I was terribly excited to get a package from Eli yesterday and in it was one of the T-shirts for the company he's working with. Yes...I was really excited. :P And it's pink! :D 

Micah's birthday party! Sadie must be present. Of course. 

Micah wanted the USS Enterprise on his cake...and...I may be a certified cake decorator...but I've never been good at piping. It's too much like drawing...which I can't do. Bu I did the best I could. :P If he'd wanted flowers I coulda done way better lol. But he didn't want that for some reason...

And this is at about 4:45 this morning. Yeah...this pretty much sums  up what I think of the idea of getting up at  4:30 so that the air lines can throw her thousands of feet in the air and whisk her way going hundreds of miles and hour. :P

There is one thing to be said...cooooffeeeee :D 

This is a card set that Mom got me for my birthday...I love them and the verse on them. :D

Ah, yes...the other of the two games I play on my phone. Boggle!!! I've always loved the real game and was totally excited to find a free app. :D

And by the time I've finished this post it is almost 7:00. Yeah...I took it slow and I went out and took care of the sick horse at about 6:00...there are horses everywhere out there! :P Faith is actually looking a little bit better to me. I may not be a "horse person"...but I love nursing things back to health. I really do. And I've always had a place in me for rescued animals...and Faith is certainly a rescued animal. I can't imagine letting an animal just get sick like that. It's really sad...but I'm praying we can get her back to health. Mom and Dad and certainly going all out to help her.

Anyways! I should probably get the girls up...IDK...maybe I'll let them sleep. The house is nice and quiet. :P

I hope y'all have a great day!!! It's just getting there there is plenty of time to smile and shine for Christ! There's always time for that, yes? Yes. :D Think epic thoughts, do epic things and nice to people.

Over and out for now, y'all! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Prayer

Here's a song I heard on Pandora a few month ago and just looked up again. It takes words and principles from scripture and puts them in a beautiful way. I really love it. It's a prayer I much. More times a day than I can count. I'll actually cry if I think about it for much time at all. It's like...I believe SO much in God and what He does and His grace, mercy and love...but somehow...I just don't... "feel" that I believe all the time. But I know I do. It's...yes...quite a struggle but...a good one to have. I've been thinking that maybe God is the one thing on earth that we will never be fully satisfied with because...if we were satisfied and felt like we had all we want of Him...we wouldn't keep seeking Him every day. I guess we won't be fully fulfilled until we get to Heaven and are finally with Him in the way we can only be in Heaven. It's comforting and...heavy/sad at the same time. But beautiful...without question.

Anyways...I won't preach (anymore :P )...but I wanted to share this song that I've really grown to love. It's soft and gentle and more of a meditational song. I wouldn't really just listen to it all the time...but it's one I love to stop and use to help myself refocus on. And it's comforting during those days when I just feel like a total wretch. :P

And so! Enough with my is the song. :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Last week and some from today

Well, I took a ton of pictures and am just putting them up at once. They're out of order, but events are together. :)

Hope y'all are having a great day! Keep smiling and shining for Christ. :)

On Saturday, Mom and the girls had a trail ride and Dad wanted me to we all went down to FL.

Abby :)

Went for a walk and took this shot. I thought it turned out nice. 

Went on a cavern tour with Justin, Chrissie, Lydia and Ashley. We all headed down in Justin's truck.

It wasn't until we started going into the caverns that I turned to Ashley and said "It's a shame I'm so claustrophobic."  And I felt it too...but I did pretty good. Didn't freak or anything and really enjoyed it. I was glad for the chance to be in a situation I didn't like because...I like that. Strange, I guess. 

Like I said, small spaces. 

I got  a little girl-like happy moment when I looked back and could almost see the underworld creatures from Narnia following me. 

When we got back up, we took the long way back through the woods. this goes down to the caverns. 

Looks like Narnia again.

Coming out of the caverns. 

Stonewall in the caverns. 

Wonder how many millions of years it took for this to grow here. It was so hard to keep my mouth shut when they went on about how the caves were formed. Quite a load of bull...but I was good and didn't say anything. 

Our group.

Lydia and me

And we ended up on the road somehow...I think we must have gotten lost. 

We took another walk later with Dad.


Another day this week

I keep getting different angles of my window. I really don't know why.

Made bread, of course. 

Hannah took my phone at church yesterday. I showed her how to use the backwards camera and she enjoyed it. :)

Hannah trying to take a picture of her mom.
One of my favorite times of the day is marking off another day on the calender. 

Made cheese one day.

Ran into Best Buy today and saw grandma, her brother and his wife there. Awesomeness, of course. 

I saw it and couldn't resist. I just couldn't. 

Headed out to work in the garden today.

Mom got her 5 gallon thing for continuous kombucha. 

Earlier this week the girls chilled a bit.

As did Sadie

The cheese before I cheddar it.

Abs and me a few days ago.

And a screen shot from while I was working in the garden today. The music when straight from the C D onto my phone almost as soon as I got home.

The swiss chard is doing really well.

After I did some garden work, I went with Mom, Dad and the little girls to town. This was the best I could do as far as getting a picture of all of us girls in the car together. 

I hardly ever sit this far back in the van. Only time I have somewhat recently is when Eli goes to Star Chasers with us a couple of months ago and I think we sat on this seat together...the van looks big from back there. 

I sat with Abby. :)

We like each other...

Got my peppers planted. 
I tried to make my eyes look as big as possible without looking  totally strange. I Look like a cartoon, don't I?

And I've gotten to the point where I can't go anywhere without's like a security piece or something. I don't know when that happened...but it did!

Hope y'all are having a great Monday! :)

Over and out for now.