Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Prayer

Here's a song I heard on Pandora a few month ago and just looked up again. It takes words and principles from scripture and puts them in a beautiful way. I really love it. It's a prayer I much. More times a day than I can count. I'll actually cry if I think about it for much time at all. It's like...I believe SO much in God and what He does and His grace, mercy and love...but somehow...I just don't... "feel" that I believe all the time. But I know I do. It's...yes...quite a struggle but...a good one to have. I've been thinking that maybe God is the one thing on earth that we will never be fully satisfied with because...if we were satisfied and felt like we had all we want of Him...we wouldn't keep seeking Him every day. I guess we won't be fully fulfilled until we get to Heaven and are finally with Him in the way we can only be in Heaven. It's comforting and...heavy/sad at the same time. But beautiful...without question.

Anyways...I won't preach (anymore :P )...but I wanted to share this song that I've really grown to love. It's soft and gentle and more of a meditational song. I wouldn't really just listen to it all the time...but it's one I love to stop and use to help myself refocus on. And it's comforting during those days when I just feel like a total wretch. :P

And so! Enough with my is the song. :)


  1. Anna...thank you. Those words of yours - I've felt the same way so many times, but I never considered WHY we might never feel satisfied. Thank you. <3

  2. Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anna....if anybody every dares to tell you you're not wise....deck them. :P Thanks for this. I love you.