Wednesday, April 10, 2013

No order? No problem!!

The title of this post meaning...these pictures aren't in order and I'm just gonna blog this way instead of organizing them like I normally do. :P I'm tired and wanna get the kitchen clean and head to bed! (doesn't that sound nice? *siiiiigh*)
Yes...anyways! Today was...goodness gracious! looking back...this day was SO long. I can't even remember when the day started...*ponders* okay...I think I can. But feels like so long ago. 0.0 

Worked outside allll day long gain and added to my bruises, cuts, blisters etc but! *drum roll* I am all done cleaning out the garden and all that's left to do now is plant and maintain! Woot woot! :D THAT was a lot of work. Way more than I realized when I first started the job. But it's finally done and I just need to make sure I maintain it. :)
I swear I fed a whole neighborhood of ants today. I had one last terribly overgrown bed to clean out and it seemed like the whole thing was an ant bed. So...after a dozen bites I just stopped trying to keep them off and kept working...flinging them off when I felt a sting. And it wasn't half as bad as it could have been. Ants are really fascinating creatures and I always hate to destroy one of their beds, but is MY garden. :P

So, yes! We all just worked today and got a ton done! I imagine we'll be outside working again tomorrow...unless it's raining...hmmm. IDK! We shall see!  

This post is actually two days combined...I took pictures yesterday, but didn't have time to blog last shall do two days in one day. Isn't that cool?! :D

Hehe...sorry folks...I'm being silly tonight. I just feel happy and incredibly thankful for my blessings. It's really...pretty overwhelming. I have so much more than I deserve and that can be a problem in the sense that...I try too hard to deserve it when the truth is...I never will. So, I really should just be thankful and show gratitude instead of trying to earn it. Hard lesson to learn. Nobody is perfect...and that's not an excuse...but we can't live our lives trying to be perfect to deserve and earn what we have...we can only do our best and show how thankful we are. Otherwise...if we try to be perfect and earn it all...we just can't so it ends up being a big balled up mess when it could be so simple by just being thankful and pressing on. Something I'm still working on and am so thankful for the people who are so patient with me on. Perfectionism...not a good thing to have. :P I'm working that out of me slowly...but steadily. 

Anyways! There I go preaching again. yes. I am thankful for what I have. Thankful and very humbled. So thankful. So humbled.

*cough* yes...enough with my! :D 

I found this little bird today while I was in the garden. Isn't he adorable?! I thought he might be I brought him inside, but it turns out he was fine and I let him go! :D

My face gets really red when I work in the heat.  :P

A brown widow spider. Strange, yes? But that's what it is! It's a black widow only...brown. And this sucker was huge, let me tell you! She was quickly... deposed of. :P Not safe these creatures...and we must be safe. *nod* Tis important.

Hillbilly taxi rides! :D was bringing the van seats back and the girls caught a ride! 

These flowers bloom every year and I've been picking them for mom for years now. Good grief...has it been that long? Man. Anyways...yes! I picked them again for her today. :) 

Makes me think of Narnia. *happy sigh* 

The garden! I have before pictures...I'll have to post them. This isn't a great shot of the garden really does look prettier than this. :P 

Looking forward from the back of the garden today.

And another shot from today.

I used this puppy again today. The stuff I whacked was more like trees that weeds! 

Ah, yes...we took a couple of hours yesterday and went bowling. Isaac H. was able to meet us and we had an awesome time as always. did leave me sore in even more places! :P I love bowling. 

Oh, don't you ever change... *sigh*

Today, I was using the I had to put boots on and the only socks that work are Dads lol. 

The brown widow again. You can see her hourglass here. 

I took a few minutes to breathe back behind the workshop...isn't this a pretty  view back there?

I love this tree. The only ones you see down here are pretty much pines. And...they aren't very pretty. I love trees and woods...I love leafy trees...and this one is just beautiful. 

Another shot of the pasture behind our property. 

No...I'm not looking into a spoon. :P Haha...I told Lydia today that not wearing makeup is very freeing...because you can rub your face and wipe sweat away without worrying about smudging anything. :P She agreed. *nod* (And those aren't hearing aids...they're my oxygen tanks. headphones! :D )

We'll call him Oscar. :D 

I used this thing more in the last three days than I have in my whole life. :P 

Mom got this for me...aint it cute? :D

Got me a good sunburn and this stuff is awesome. But messy.

HAPPY!!!!!!! Yes! Em bought it for Mom and I swiped it and watched it again already! I love this movie!!!! (warning...if you haven't seen it...DON'T watch it unless there is someone who knows where to skip *cough* yeah. but the story is SO beautiful.)

More bowling...I think Lydia just got a strike and Isaac...IDK what he got. :P 

Isaac and Emily. :) 

Mr. Wayne works at the bowling alley and we've really become friends with him. He gives us hugs and everything when we go in. He's such a neat man and quite tall and pretty good at bowling himself! 

Micah and I were just jazzed to be in the show, man. (Movie reference...sorry. :P ) 

And that be all!

Wait! no! I can't forget to mention that yesterday my parents celebrated 30 years of marriage! What a blessing. :) 

And now...that's all, folks! :D

Y'all keep smiling and shining for Christ and live each day seeking Him and focusing on ALL the beautiful things in life! There are SO SO SO many!!! :D


Over and out! 


  1. Ow. Thank you. For the ow. I needed that.

    The bird is DARLING. And your garden...gosh. That's like, a dream garden.

    And Les Mis! Oh I want to own that movie so much (at least I have the soundtrack :D ). I saw it in the theatre and loved it. Even with that *cough* one was necessary for the story. And I thought they handled it pretty well, all things considered.