Monday, April 15, 2013

Last week and some from today

Well, I took a ton of pictures and am just putting them up at once. They're out of order, but events are together. :)

Hope y'all are having a great day! Keep smiling and shining for Christ. :)

On Saturday, Mom and the girls had a trail ride and Dad wanted me to we all went down to FL.

Abby :)

Went for a walk and took this shot. I thought it turned out nice. 

Went on a cavern tour with Justin, Chrissie, Lydia and Ashley. We all headed down in Justin's truck.

It wasn't until we started going into the caverns that I turned to Ashley and said "It's a shame I'm so claustrophobic."  And I felt it too...but I did pretty good. Didn't freak or anything and really enjoyed it. I was glad for the chance to be in a situation I didn't like because...I like that. Strange, I guess. 

Like I said, small spaces. 

I got  a little girl-like happy moment when I looked back and could almost see the underworld creatures from Narnia following me. 

When we got back up, we took the long way back through the woods. this goes down to the caverns. 

Looks like Narnia again.

Coming out of the caverns. 

Stonewall in the caverns. 

Wonder how many millions of years it took for this to grow here. It was so hard to keep my mouth shut when they went on about how the caves were formed. Quite a load of bull...but I was good and didn't say anything. 

Our group.

Lydia and me

And we ended up on the road somehow...I think we must have gotten lost. 

We took another walk later with Dad.


Another day this week

I keep getting different angles of my window. I really don't know why.

Made bread, of course. 

Hannah took my phone at church yesterday. I showed her how to use the backwards camera and she enjoyed it. :)

Hannah trying to take a picture of her mom.
One of my favorite times of the day is marking off another day on the calender. 

Made cheese one day.

Ran into Best Buy today and saw grandma, her brother and his wife there. Awesomeness, of course. 

I saw it and couldn't resist. I just couldn't. 

Headed out to work in the garden today.

Mom got her 5 gallon thing for continuous kombucha. 

Earlier this week the girls chilled a bit.

As did Sadie

The cheese before I cheddar it.

Abs and me a few days ago.

And a screen shot from while I was working in the garden today. The music when straight from the C D onto my phone almost as soon as I got home.

The swiss chard is doing really well.

After I did some garden work, I went with Mom, Dad and the little girls to town. This was the best I could do as far as getting a picture of all of us girls in the car together. 

I hardly ever sit this far back in the van. Only time I have somewhat recently is when Eli goes to Star Chasers with us a couple of months ago and I think we sat on this seat together...the van looks big from back there. 

I sat with Abby. :)

We like each other...

Got my peppers planted. 
I tried to make my eyes look as big as possible without looking  totally strange. I Look like a cartoon, don't I?

And I've gotten to the point where I can't go anywhere without's like a security piece or something. I don't know when that happened...but it did!

Hope y'all are having a great Monday! :)

Over and out for now.


  1.'s all and, well, SUMMERY, down there! Here we still have daffodils and the trees are FINALLY starting to bud. =P

  2. It is so fun to see all of the pictures of your family, and yes, you do look like a pixar character in the one picture! :) Can't wait to meet you in real life.

    1. Hi, Amanda! :)
      Where do we know each other from? And are we meeting IRL?

  3. Oh, Anna, I never got back on here to see that you commented. I am Hannah's mom, dearie! :)

    1. Hehe...oh dear and I called you by your first name. Naughty me lol.

      Hi then! :D And I really can't wait to meet you irl either. I always love it when we get to chat a bit when Han and I Skype!

  4. you can always call me by my first name!