Monday, April 8, 2013

Finally...A.D. Something. :D

So...I'm finally getting to another post! So sorry I haven't been keeping up like I'd hoped to!, for me, was literally a blood, sweat and tears kind of morning and afternoon. :P I worked in the garden and after the day I've had out there I have a question...who's idea was it that gardening is this dainty, romantic, delicate job? Because...maybe I've got it wrong but there was nothing dainty, romantic or delicate about me today. :P It was a no-makeup, jeans, tank-top and dirty day for me. I burned my shoulders and back pretty bad and am so loving this burn relief gel that we have. :P I've got more blisters than I care to count and I'm sore...but the strange thing about hard work is that...even though it leaves you just feeling terrible...if feels so good! (Tell me I'm not the only one who thinks that...) I've sounded like I'm whining...but it really was great to get out there and get stuff done. And I should have the garden finished tomorrow! I cleaned out six of the beds today and boy, oh boy...what a job! I ended up just digging up and throwing away two garden beds worth of dirt because the weeds (which were actually grass) had so overtaken everything!

The pictures from this post aren't in any sort of order...mostly because ..I can't remember what days they were taken on. :P

I hope y'all are enjoying a wonderful day filled with many blessings and joys! :) Keep smiling and shining for Christ. Life is just so beautiful in His plan and will. :)

Abby and Naomi did their hair like this to curl was sooo beautiful. I just don't understand this face, though. :P

Em and I went shopping one day this week so...yes...we had to get our happy juice. :P

Abby's hair! :D

We had another calf born. It was a girl!

Daddy with April. :)

Lydia and I stayed home on Saturday and watched the Hunger Games on my computer while I did kitchen work. (Pictured here in one of the most epic characters in any story. Yes. Peeta. He's also by FAR the best character in the books and movies.)

I didn't have any music on my phone and I just can't do garden work without Taylor Swift!!! So...I used this until I finally got my iTunes figured out with my iPhone. *happy*

Micah and I watched Star Trek in his room one night...the movie grew on me for one reason. Spock. 8-)

Do these sunglasses make me look fat? :P (Tell me I look like Ethan Hunt?! lol)

Oh yes! Joel and Virginia had a baby girl born...last week. Her  name is Verity Carol and we can't wait to meet her next months, Lord willing! 

At church yesterday...Sarah Beth is so precious. :) She just loves life. 

SOME of the big vehicles at church!

Lucie is so full of energy...seriously. I love this girl. :)

Aunt Karen got a picture of Hannah and me. She's such a fun little girl. And she was very sure to show me her new music box that I hear is very...popular at her house! 


Hannah! :D

The adults doing that adult thing...yeah...talking. :P

The older kids all play in the front every Sunday. I'm usually behind the fence playing with the kids the last few weeks though. :P

Headed home after church! 

I experimented with the lighting coming through my bedroom window. I love playing with light and shadows etc. 

Micah, Emily, Lydia and I met a couple of guys to bowl one day. That was my best bowling was so fun. 8-)

Lydia walks back as Clay goes in.

Micah swings an nice action shot as Isaac waits for his ball to return...his kept getting stuck. :P (He's the guy who fixed my computer, btw.)

And there she is!!! All happy and safe. :D 

Deep cleaning day...I think my eyes look like an alien in this picture. :P

I. love. this. creamer. 0.0 

I finally took the dive and bought my dress that I've been obsessing over! :P 

And I'll end with a shot of Em's quilt...she's almost got it done! Isn't it beautiful?

That's all for now folks!!! Y'all keep smiling and shining for Christ! 

Over and out! :D


  1. You're not the only one who thinks hard, back-breaking word feels good. I'm right there with ya. :P

    And that dress is SO cute. It looks great on you!

  2. I can't believe you bought my dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P I am so jealous now.

  3. Happy to see your posts again. And, I love all your great pics!

    That is the dress you wore Sunday, isn't it? Hannah and I - we love polka-dots.

    Oh, the garden! I commend you for all your work. I have dealt with beds that were more grass than dirt. Such hard work, and you are right, nothing dainty about it! But, very satisfying to see the labor of your hands (and feel the evidence in a tired body). I'm looking forward to seeing what gorgeous things grow there.

  4. congratulations to Joel and Virginia. Verity is adorable. Love Emily's quilt.