Monday, July 29, 2013

Another day in paradise (Epic song for the title. 8-) But not the Phil Collins that one...the other one with this title...I think the title of this post is too long...yes...I do... )

Hiya everyone!!!

Hope you are all well and enjoying your share of awesomeness! :D

Not a whole lot going on, house stuff, some music and...that's pretty much it! I manage to keep busy though...somehow. And I can't pin down all that I'm doing. Strange, eh? yes...well...I often am strange. Which keeps me from getting bored! :D

Anyhoo! Here's just a few pictures of the last week. Not too many...sorry 'bout that. There just hasn't been a ton to take pictures of.

I did miss getting pictures of one thing though...Uncle Chuck and Aunt Connie stopped by while they were down this way and I didn't get a picture! *sad face* oh well...I guess I'll just have to chase them down sometime and get a picture. *nod* (Side-note to my Cuzter: Sarah...seeing your parents makes me miss you even more. As if that was possible. We'll have to figure something out SOON :P )

So! Just moving along! Been doing lots of thinking lately...dangerous stuff that. But good stuff too and I'm thankful to see and feel God work in so many ways.

Hope and pray everybody is having an awesome Monday and that the rest of your week goes even better! :D


This is at work...yes! Bananas! :D

Blaine sat on my lap during church and I had probably over a dozen pictures like this on my phone by the end of it lol. That kid is too good with an iPhone!

Eli came over and hung out with us after church yesterday. It was so always. We all sat down to watch a movie and this is us being "proper" lol. 

Micah and I worked on the horse trailer some today...and like the incredibly awesome big sister that I am *cough*...I had to decorate his head! :D

We look related in this picture...strange....

Abby got her braces on!!! :D 

Lydia and Naomi pause their game to come scout out Abby's newly blinged teeth. 

Our basil plant was getting I made pesto. Not the best looking stuff...but it's kind of like split pea soup...looks horrid and taste awesome! :P

And...the big even for me today was joining emusic and using up over half of my music credit for the month already. :P It made me happy lol

That's all for now, folks! :D Keeeeeep smiling and shining for Christ! :D

Over and out for now

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