Friday, July 5, 2013

July the Fourth Day of July! Being the Fourth...of July! July the Fourth!

Hello my long lost blog readers! Or am I the long lost blog writer? Hmmm...that's a question, there aint it?
Anyhoo! It has been a long time since I've blogged...but I won't catch up on this post...why, you ask? (or maybe you don't ask...but I'll answer anyways)...Because I'll be doing  a "Catch up" post soon, Lord be willing! 

For now! I shall do a post to cover yesterday...The Fourth of July! 

We had the H. family over. And Dad's Dad is here...and Mom's Mom came...and Joel and Ginny and the kiddos! 

I shall let the pictures walk us through! Hope y'all had a super duper day!

Keep smiling and shining for Christ!

Some of the pictures are mixed up...but at some point in the day, almost all of us "kids" gathered around the small table in the living room and played Skip-Bo. Christian and Blainers seem to be pleased at this point in the game. Almost too pleased...

Miss Christina was leaning on her guys...and I thought it made a great picture 

I don't think Emily and Isaac are fighting here...but it kinda looks like it. :P

Grandparents :D 

Golly...he's so cute...

Em and Vee...both adorable

The ladies enjoying some talk time

Playing pool...clearly

Okay...Blaine loved having as many guys around as were here yesterday...he actually pushed me away when I tried to take him away from Isaac. :P

Emily kindly holding up the wall for us

Ginny and Verity :D

Yeah...moving on...

Micah looking very cool, as always

The rain stopped enough for us to shoot some fireworks off! Joel did a great display for us. Fireworks are so and bling shot into the sky with a boom! LOVE it! :D

The girls coaxed Isaac into a sparkler. Although...from what I've's not hard to get him to play with fire...

The proud moment when the fire is passed from one sparkler to another...

And you can't see it very well...but Joel got Dad the cooolest lighter for Father's came in handy yesterday! 

That's all for now folks! Stay tuned for that catch up post, soon, DV! :D


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  1. Is that a gun-shaped lighter? Those things are so cool!

    Sounds like you all had an awesome fourth!

    Really glad you're blogging again too. ;)