Friday, July 5, 2013

Catching up a bit or two

Sooo...finally catching up! seems like so much has happened in the last couple of months and I'm sure I can't remember even half of it!

To oldest brother, Joel and his family have moved back down here! They lived with us a for a couple of months until the lease on their place opened up and we loved spending time with them and are very excited to have them down here for good! 

Next! :D Eli came back from his trip and I've been on cloud nine getting to see him a couple times a week. Those were some long months while he was gone...but very good in many ways. God worked through a lot during that time and I'm very thankful. But he's back now and I'm <3ting Tuesdays again. :D :P

I've also gotten a job at a local plant nursery and enjoying that paycheck. :P The work is good and my boss and his family are really neat. I'm learning a lot about plants...but finding more and more how much I don't know that I will know soon, Lord willing. There's sooooooo much to know out there. I love working with the customers and am getting better and more comfortable, the more I learn about everything out there. 

I've been looooving music lately. Just listening to it. Mostly Country and Rock. I'm still trying to sing rock...and having trouble figuring it out. keep myself from getting terribly discouraged...I'll sing country in between. I can't help loving country and that's really the style I tend to enjoy singing most. But I won't give up on my endeavor to conquer rock! I /can/ sing it...just not as well as I'd like and not all of the artists I like. I'm also continuing guitar on my own and enjoying that.

Mom and the girls continue to do horse stuff and enjoy it. And Mom just keeps being the wonderful Mom she is.

Micah's enjoying his new job doing 3D modeling for a local advertisement company. 

Dad continues to enjoy his "hobbies" and be the servant he is for the family and others.

Emily still has her job at the outdoor store and is enjoying hanging out with friends on occasion.

Let me think if anything else big has happened...hmmmm...I'm sure I'm missing something...but I just can't think of it. :P 

So! Until I can think of anything's some pictures! In no particular order...just some pictures. Didn't take a whole lot the last couple of months...but here's what I got! 

Em house sat at some point and I went to hang out with her for a couple of days. I always /love/ that.

Little Vee. She's suuuuch a happy baby.
Hannah (one of my bestest girlfriends) and I read House together...I'd write a review...but not here. :P  It was fun reading it together since we live hours apart.

A bit of advice for you. You can pay me later for this life-changing  stuff.

Hehe...I'll see Eli's car in town every now and then and take a stalker picture... :P

Blainers giving me his pucker...he's so cute... 0.0

Em, Micah and I went out at some point and Emily got her  phone fixed...I was wearing the massive shoes and this was my view. Literally. :P

Verity again!

A shot of the nursery where I work

Emily will randomly sneak up on Eli and me at church (or wherever we happen to be) and snap pictures. (Not that I mind at all really :P)

Again...I'm...well...thrilled to have Eli back around here.

I did some landscaping at work one day. Put this stuff in.

We've gone to see several movies...I love going to the movies. Probably my favorite thing to do in town. After Earth was  /okay/. some good points to it...but over all...not the best IMO. My favorite that we've got to see was Now You See Me. SOOOO awesome. And it was a fun trip too...Eli and the Helvins met Em, Micah and me to watch it. It was a blast. 

The greenhouse at's really pretty in there. 

Em and Me at one of Mom's and the girls' horse events. It was soooo hot that day. :P

Don't remember why Dad got these for Mom...but they sure are pretty!

And an even better bit of advice from the last  one! :D
Wish I'd gotten more pictures...

I hope to keep up with blogging better. For anyone who cares to read it...but especially for Granny (HI GRANNY!!!! :D I told you I'd blog for you! :D ) And for mah Cuzter (cousin who's like a sister...) Sarah! (HI TO YOU TOO SARAH! I MISS YOU!!!!!) 

AND! Because I enjoy blogging. :P

So! Anyhoo! Y'all keep smiling and shining for Christ! :D

Over and out for now, comrades! *Salutes and about face off into the muggy Alabama weather*


  1. hey Anna!
    great update! Happy to hear Joel and Virginia are back in town!
    hard to tell, but i think i've been to that nursery before. that's great to have a job where you can learn something new and useful! the plants are beautiful, and enjoying this weather, no doubt. :-P
    sweet pic of you and emilly at the horse event.
    p.s. seriously!? how tall were those heels? :-D

  2. Awww I didn't see the salute to me at the end! Love you cuz.. Miss you too!

  3. So I normally just stalk your blog and don't say anything, buuuuut, Kristin asked me to leave a comment for you. So. Here goes. :P

    "Hi, Miss Pollyanna Hope.


    And so Laura has to do this since I don't have any of the accounts I have to post with. :P Anyway.

    OH MY GOSH THOSE HEELS. They make my feet hurt just thinking about them. o.<

    Coffee.... *facepalm*

    Stars and rainbows. <3

    P.S. Still doing your SW stuff. Waiting on someone who's supposed to get me an important video I was gonna send. *drums fingers impatiently*


    SHMILE :D :D :D"

    Love you. <3