Monday, July 22, 2013

Catching up again!

Howdy folks!
Well, I haven't blogged as much as I'd planned, but I think a post every week or two is better than I was doing for a while, yes?
So! The last couple of weeks are pretty much a blur...the days all blend together in my mind, but that's not a bad thing...just a busy thing. :P
Been at work a good bit lately and then busy at home.
The main events lately have been...a huge group trip to the theater, hanging out with the family (I've been loving the time I get with my family...seems like I don't get as much as I used to, sadly. But it makes the time I do get with them all the more special), finding some awesome karaoke for my favorite Disney songs (yes...I /love/ singing Disney music. :P ) and getting to spend a whole day with the Kings yesterday (can't say how awesome and fun that was). and...that's pretty much it! Other than the fact that I worked about 40 hours last week and was left with the whole nursery to run by myself several times...which was busy but kinda cool at the time! :D I'm learning a lot out there pretty fast...and still have a TON of stuff to, I never realized how much there was to know and all the work that went into keeping a place like that running. I have no idea how many varieties of how many plants we have out there...but it's a lot.

So! Onto pictures! :D I hope you are all having a wonderful and blessed Monday!

I believe it was a Thursday that we met at the theater to watch Despicable Me 2. It was AWESOME. Loved it. SO funny. Here's a picture of Emily and Isaac...too cute together. :P

It was so great to finally meet one of Eli's good friends, Mike and along with his sister! 

Two of the coolest guys on earth (and yes, I really mean that... :P ). 

I had to share this picture...Naomi sun bathing...I found it rather amusingly cute. :P

Last Sunday (not yesterday, but the Sunday before) Em and Miss Roxie were wearing identical dresses...with no planning at all. How cool is that?

He stole her from us! He stole the Precious!!! (Okay, not really. :P) I can't really tell what face Vee is making...but I was trying to get her to smile... :P

Dad, Em and Micah have been working on the trailer...and I think it looks /awesome/. 

Golly...I found this in my room the other about memories...this was my second draft of Saratopia...and I actually almost cried when I saw it. :P It's so sadly written...but so special. I think I was...12 or 13 when I was working on this. Back in my long hand writing days...wowie...

This is work on Saturday...I was out at the dumpster throwing some stuff out and the steele plant next door looked kind of daunting with those dark clouds around it.

Woohoo! No watering needed that day! :P

And then the sun comes back out and there's over an inch of water in some areas 

I got a few shots of some of the flowers at work over the last couple of weeks. 

Bright white and this color green is probably my favorite two colors together. 

And this is yesterday at the King house! I like this picture. :D

Eli and I made dinner...he was the chef and I was the assistant and gummy eater. :P It was SO much fun. :D I wish I'd gotten more pictures from yesterday, but I was kinda distracted. :P 

And earlier today...the epicest parents evah. 

Three of my Minions. 

Naomi just watched the Hulk for the first time and she's all about it now. :P This is her doing her "smash" imitation. 

What do we do when the parents leave me alone at the mercy of the minions whilst they go into the auto parts store? We play them calming, gently, soothing music to put them to sleep! Unfortunately...I don't really have that kind of music on my we just played Relient K's version of Crazy instead. :P 

All dah Minions! Scary picture, eh? Nah...I like it. :P

And we went to McDonald's...and they had minion toys from Despicable Me...of course I /had/ to get them each one. *grins* 

And now I share two because it's beautiful and true and I love it. :) And the second because it's just awesome. :P

I may have shared this one before...but I was listening to it earlier and really just love it so much. 

And this is listen and decide for yourself what it is. :P

That's all for now folks! Keeeeeep smiling and shining for Christ!!!! :D 


  1. Your posts make me smile! I love it when you blog, Anna! I have a question to ask you- blog related- would you prefer I asked on here or gave you my email? :)

  2. Hey, Tirzah! :)
    I'm glad you enjoy the posts. :)
    And it would depend on what the question is. ;)
    You can email me here: