Sunday, March 31, 2013

This week in action... (I guess we could say A.W. for another week but that's getting old, isn't it?)

Warning! These pictures will be in no sort of order and I honestly can't remember what happened on which days.

But...some of the Parkers (Mom's twin sister's family) came down this week since Uncle Chuck had some stuff to do down here and...they had planned on being here Monday through Friday...however! The ended up leaving just this morning! They'd left yesterday morning, but had to return because of a traffic issue in Montgomery. So we got to spend just a little more time with them...which was wonderful, of course.

I apologize for the oddly timed pictures. I was hardly thinking of taking pictures this week and forgive me. :P

Anyhoo! OH! OH OH!!!! My computer is coming home all happy, safe and RESTORED to health tomorrow. Woot woot and praise The Lord!!! :D (Yes...I am quite happy about this.) A friend who we knew when we were little (er) has grown up to be quite the techno guy and he'd fixed Em's computer...and offered to look at mine and he manged to save everything on it and restore it completely! I am SO happy and thankful. I'd finally gotten myself to think right about the matter and smash some perspective into my too often pessimistic brain (working on getting better at that...) and ended up finding out that all is well in the end! So...yes! Lord willing, I will be able to blog more often now! I'm back on Dad and Mom's computer right now.

Anyhoo! Yes! Hope y'all had a wonderful day celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord!

Keep on smiling and shining for Christ! :D

One day, the four of us "big" girls went to town. But first! We went down to Tates because they had this crazy awesome deal going on....chhhhocolate. :D

They also had lemon drops. Something I haven't had in almost a year...I didn't get any though. Last time I had some of these things...I had enough to last me quite a while.

Sarah got a Lady Bug Pillow Pet. She name her him Marius because he's red and black! (You'd have to see Les Miserables to understand.)

 And...I AM trying really hard to work on being far more positive than I have I really think I should refrain from commenting on this picture. (As you can see we are holding Justin Beiber's perfume.)

The most American store in the whole country...Ulta's Makeup/beauty shop. 

Sarah and I found it rather interesting how much these characters captured the difference between her and me. :P

In Target...Sarah and I observed that this guy's stare is a little more than creepy. :P

Ah, yes...totally love the shades. 8-) ( won't be seeing me in these anymore.)

Morning faces. :D (Yeah...we drank a lot of coffee this week...)

I thought this picture was adorable. :P I think she's reading the ingredients on the back of a Java Monster (FTW).

Oh! We rented and watched "Safe" (again) since the Parkers hadn't seen it.  And we had ice cream...but since we also had soda...I made a chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream coke float. It was actually really good. 

Hard work watching people get shot on the screen.

And we did a BBQ one night. Don't let that scary face scare you...

He's really just a teddy bear. ^_^  (I had a picture of Uncle Chuck and Dad grilling together but I don't know what happened to it. :( )

Oho! Yes...we had a new addition to the farm born this week and the timing was perfect. We all got to stand around and watch the entire birthing!
It's a little bull calf and he's rather adorable running around. I'll have to get a picture of him all cleaned up and dry later on. :)

We also went to M.P. Surplus and I couldn't resist this T-shirt.  Not the grunt style saying...the star. :P

Headed to church this morning!

Lydia, Sarah and I all rode with Uncle Chuck and Aunt Connie in their spiffy Honda mini van.

 And that wraps the week up! We did other stuff...mostly just enjoyed hanging out till 1-2 almost every morning (*cough*) and chilling.

 Before I go though...Sarah and I have been wanting to sing a song together so we threw together a duet version of this song REALLY fast...we only did two takes...the first one we stopped because of a timing issue...but we got it pretty well in the second take. It was a lot of fun. Sarah's got such a pretty voice and we both love the lyrics to this song. :)

I'm so behind on garden work! I was going to do it this week but that just didn't happen. :P Got some more stuff to plant and I still have six garden beds that are in just terrible shape to clean out...I know what I'm doing all of this week!

Anyhoo! Hope y'all are having a wonderful Lord's day! We are all just hanging out...Em is being an absolute saint and cleaned the kitchen (gah, she's so awesome to do that. :P I offered to help and she told me no! Ha! Cool sister, huh?), I'm obviously blogging...dah parents is napping whilst the minions get their spiritual minds into gear on the wii (forgive my sarcasm. :P ) We'll probably just hang out the rest of the day...Eli should be calling this evening so we can talk for a bit...I can't wait. Then...tonight...who knows what could happen! :P

Y'all have an awesome day! Keep smiling and shining for Christ! :D


  1. Sounds like so much fun!!!

    I've missed reading your daily posts. :P

  2. ok SO I miss you a ton. I am moving in with you.

  3. I loved the video! You girls have lovely voices.

  4. Boy, and I thought my day was busy! XD~SofA