Monday, October 1, 2012

And I don't wanna be misunderstood, but I'm starting to believe's been another beautiful day! Long and I've been in the same room just about all. day. long. :P Watching Jakie Bug. :D He's had a blast today and I actually got my prologue written! :D I've never written one before...not a real one. And this one ended up being too long. 5 pages. But IDK what to do about it. Eh...maybe it can work...IDK. And I tell ya...this is one girly book I'm working on. Blah. I didn't want to do that. But, I'm just gonna write it. There's always the delete button and trash bin if I end up hating the whole thing. :P It's been fun so far, though and I think I like Reed. Maggie's a handful though. And...I probably make no sense at all to anyone except other writers... :/
Anyhoo! I've found me a new favorite artist. 8-) Me likes this. Especially since I just dumped nearly every single artist I ever liked yesterday. This gives me music to listen to while I write. I love listening to music while I write. 8-)
And the main point of this post is the share a very strange thing...Jacob likes Kombucha tea. Yeah, I gave it to him as a joke to watch his face ( aunt can have some innocent fun, right?) and he ended up drinking almost three glasses plus a sippy cup full! I had two glasses myself. This stuff kinda grows on you in a strange way...hmmm...yish. Anyways! Here's proof...

Micah decided to try some again, but he hated it still. :P So, he drank it and plugged his nose at the same Jakie thought he'd do it too. :P

And I just thought this is one of the cutest pictures ever...I love this boy's smile. So much. :)

Tina should be here in a bit to pick dah buster up...and maybe I can get the first chapter of my book written and then...maybe I'll outline. IDK... :P

Y'all have a super, duper evening! And an awesome day tomorrow! :D Be sure to smile and shine for Christ, no matter where you are!

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  1. That is one cute kid. @.@ Can I take him home?