Monday, October 1, 2012

My New Characters

I'm very happy to have found pictures of my two newest characters. Reed and Margaret (Maggie). Now that I've done one of the more fun parts...I have to get down to business and outline.

But, before I start are my charries.

Reed Warren. He's 22 years old, but for most of the book, thinks he's 19. He's a laid back kind of guy in some areas, but very uptight in others. He's a closet country music fan and a country boy at heart, though he was born and raised in the city and (in his 19 year old life) is on his way to being a very successful sales rep for a major land company. Though, in reality, at 22 is up for the VP slot of the company. While he's hungry for success in business, his biggest desire is to get married and be a family man.
He hates wearing suits, too.

Maggie White. She's 21, but thinks she's 18 for most of the novel. She finished highschool early and (in her 18 year old life) is in her second year of college. She's a control freak of sorts and likes things just so. She hates the idea of the country and loves rock music. Though, most people who find that out are shocked because of her gentle (though strong) personality and look. She sings, but tells few people and is in the music business as a studio worker, where she hopes to meet connections to launch her into her music career. Getting married and having a family is the last thing on her mind. Until, you know who comes a long, of course. In her 21 year old life, she's on the verge of getting a contract with a major recording studio/vocal producer.



  1. This is so epic. @.@ I love Maggie already.

  2. Fascinating. You already have strong character development, it would seem. It also appears that there is comedy potential from their differences...hmm. This is most interesting. Are you going to tell the story through both of their perspectives, or just one?

    1. Yeah...that kinda just all came out as I wrote it. That's usually how it goes with me, though.

      I'm not going to be writing it first person. Which will be a challenge...but this story wouldn't work that way. So...I'm thinking I'll work it through both or their perspectives. And their parents' at some points too.

      Just working on the prologue now.

      It's going to be a "mild" comedy. In the sense that...I have no idea if I can be funny when I write... :P So, we'll just have to see how it goes.

  3. So cool to match faces to your writing! I think they fit your character sketches very well. Did you complete the descriptions before you found the pictures?