Monday, October 15, 2012

Movie Night with Brotha!

That's right...Brotha and I had another movie night. Or...half of one. We watched just over half of The Avengers and then it was getting late and near bed we are going to finish the rest tonight, Lord willing. :D
So far...I really like it. I still can't believe I'm a super hero "fan" (as fan as I get with it comes to silly things like this, that is.:P ). :P Took me forever to like them after watching Superman years ago...well...yeah...took me a while to recover from that lol. But that wasn't Marvel...Marvel is much better. *nod* So...anyways...yeah, the plot is actually pretty good. An alien movie I like. :D And...of course...Tony Stark (Iron Man) is just tooooooooo awesome. 8-)
It lost my interest in just a couple of places...but that's not rare at all for me with movies. I find it very hard to sit through a full movie...and this one is pretty don't go by me. :P
We'll see how the showdown is.
Here's a few token pictures for the evening.

Brotha, of course

Me and my Kombucha...can't believe I like this stuff either. Like...srsly can't believe. But, aint my outfit stylish? :P

Micah's uhhh...Elvis-ish smile.

As other posts will show...I am one of the few people who Micah lets wear his precious Chevy racing hats. And guess what? he let me wear his NEW one. The new one from his very recent 'Dega trip. That's something, folksh. You can see here...I am thrilled.

Brotha and Sista :D


  1. Avengers is a good movie -- our family enjoyed it a lot. :)

  2. I've heard that that movie is good.

  3. Hi Anna! Ooh- Avengers was pretty cool! Josiah and Jonah took me and my grandma to see it on my birthday. It was pretty long though! :)
    Thank you for leaving such sweet comments on my blog! I will totally invite you to visit me in Ireland! :)Yes, I have tried that hairstyle. It turned out pretty good. I think it would look absolutely gorgeous on you!
    I'm going to try and do a blog button tutorial pretty soon! A few other friends have asked me how to make one as well. Hopefully it will be up soon! :)

    Have an epically awesome day!