Thursday, October 4, 2012

When I feel lost and I can't find my way; when words are at a loss

 The kids aren't coming over till about 3 on Thursdays now, but that still give Jakie-Bug enough time to get me good and exhausted. :P
Before he got here, I was babysitting different groups of our kids throughout the day because Dad and Mom were both gone about all day. So...since there's not too much to watching the "kids" here at home...I was able to write finish the first chapter of my new book and write the prologue. Woop!
So, now Jacob is sacked out with a piece of pizza watching the Cat in the Hat on the couch. 
I have no...repeat no...idea where the "sitting" in "babysitting" came from. That's just the craziest thing I think I've heard. Just about. Maybe Jacob is just a rare, strange kid to keep me on my toes. But wait...I've watched a ton of kids...nope...he's normal. In that sense at least. :P
Anyhoo! Before I ramble (more!)'s a few pix from just a bit ago when I took Jacob out to play outside while it was still light. He's looooves being outside.
Really hope y'all had a good, peaceful, strong, epic, hopeful day! :) And do have a wonderful one tomorrow! Be sure to smile and believe and shine for Christ, now matter where you are! :)

You may be wondering why the little dude has no pants on...well...see...apparently there is this thing called and "exploding diaper". Aaaaand...I doubt you want details on that.

It seems that Jacob has things under control. So...

I can amuse myself by taking pictures!

I can't help grinning looking at this section of our wall.

This chair looks rather lonely, doesn't it?

Dad and Micah, getting ready to leave on their annual trip to their NASCAR race. Mr. JJ was awesome and is letting them borrow his truck and trailer.

He loves pushing things around in this stroller.

"I've got your knee, Auntah! What are you going to do about it?" Talk about a cheeesy grin.

In the words of King Julian. "Ah! Too cute. Too cute. Too cute!"

Peace, y'all! :D Have a great, happy, hopeful, peaceful, nutty, random evening and...listen to some epic music or something.  Shee ya! :D


  1. Nope no details wanted :). Though I did have a good laugh at the caption.

    1. Haha...well, good laughs are very welcome here! :)