Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's the hope in your eyes that I cling to

Went to church today....heard a great message on mutual submission. Hung out for a bit after church. Not too long. Then, Em, Lydia and I headed to town for the afternoon while Mom and the littlest girls went home. Dad and Micah are still on their way home from 'Dega.
I'm trying to get going on the third chapter in my book...hitting that "blah" time in it though where I kinda...lose inspiration and motivation...kinda a kind of writer's block. But! I really, really wanna get it. Maybe I can just get over this bump and move on with it...because I'm loving writing this book. Even if it is just a "practice novel".
Anyhoo...hope y'all had a great day and that you're smiling and hoping and believing and trusting and all that awesome stuff that is proven to make life much brighter. 8-) Have an awesome day tomorrow, too! :) Be sure to smile and shine for Christ, no matter where you are. :D

Em treated us to cupcakes...and while it was tasty, I think I'm going to sue all sugar products. Between church lemonade and sweet tea, a coffee and cupcake...I can't keep my eyes open and think I'm totally in a sugar coma. :P :P :P Sugar's evil. No...wait...that's beans. But...beans are epic. can they be evil and epic? Someone started talking about beans at church today...what're the odds? did I go from a picture with cupcakes to beans? Ha! That's something only I (or almost only I) could do...

I finally got me some new shades. IDK if I like them...but....I really needed them. :P

We went into Big Lots and looook! NARNIA was in there!!! I was very happy. And those shoes? I'm never wearing them again. Ever never ever. Ouchness. Just sayin'.

And, I thought there were more pictures...but apparently notsess. Sooooo...ummmm...hmmm...should I drag this post out? You want me to? No...I bet you don't. And I really do need to try to write...I left my characters in a terrible position. And they don't even know that it's just about to get a whole lot worse. Mwahahaha. Oh, and I wanna figure out how to make a blog button...but I have no idea how...huh...,maybe I can figure/find out.
You wouldn't believe how many random things came up in conversation today. Left my head spinning, just about. Of course...can one really avoid random things? I don't think so any more. But, the truth is...why on earth would one want to? I's random things that are the most epic, right? Right. So...go find or do something random. And be epic. And smile. And...yes...just smile (...pweez ^_^). 8-)

(And I officially need to do...something! I finished posting this a few minutes ago and realized that I'd posted it on my writing blog and not this one. *headpole* I am crrrazy! No. No! I'm NUTS! And that's totally cool...grin worthy. Yes...indeed. Nuts have epic lives. At least the ones that I know. 8-) )

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  1. I love da shades. And randomness is epic. So are boomerangs. And mint-chip ice cream.