Sunday, June 17, 2012

Da Trip: Part 1 we have traveled all day long and I don't even remember all the places we went and would you believe...I didn't get a single picture! I know, I know...terrible. But I shall try to do better tomorrow.
We are in a hotel in Arkansas right now. It's pretty nice...two queen beds, a TV and WiFi. :P Dad is in his bed on his iPad watching "Caught on Camera" and I'm on my bed...bloggin' and kinda, sorta watching the show. :P
Firs time I've ever been to Arkansas and I can't say it looks a whole lot different than what I'm used to. Lots and lots and lots of farm land and it's pretty dawgon flat. 'Course Bama's got lotsa farm land but it's not this flat. 
I'm trying to remember all the places we drove through. I know we were in Mississippi for a while (stopped a rest stop that had the coolest painting of Elvis 8) ), we went through Memphis...and didn't go to Graceland!!!! :'( :P However! Daddy got his first BBQ for the trip at a cool restaurant that was featured on Dad's favorite Food Network show, Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. It was pretty cool. And the sauce that covered Dad seemed to indicate that he fully enjoyed it! :D
So we drove another hour or so and arrived at the hotel, plenty ready for bed. :P 
Well...I'm gonna head off and get some rest for tomorrow. Tomorrow is the big day! Get to Kansas and meet some really awesome people, enjoy fellowship and eat some pizza. And have a God given blast!!! :D
See y'all! Not sure how much I'll get to blog... :P But I DO plan on having the trip blogged...some day. :P
Shine brightly for Christ and always smile!!

DISCLAIMER: If this post makes no sense and you end up with a headache...hmmm...I don't really know what to say. I'm sorry? :P

OH! And Emily! I now you're gonna read this! So HI! Love and miss ya! Tell the family I love and miss them too! And tell Mom we are staying safe and still having a blast. ^_^


  1. Have fun, Anna!

    By the way... we enjoyed listening to your CD (and we were scrupulous to follow the instruction you gave us concerning a certain part of the collection ... although I feel sure the said instruction was not necessary ;-). You're so gifted! Thanks for the loan!

  2. Wow! You're good! I did read it ;) Glad you're having fun, kiddo..... Can't believe you didn't take the promised pics, but oh well! Secant all be photographic neusances. :D


    1. Dumb touch screen keys :P meant to say "we" ( can't all be photographic nuisances) ;)