Saturday, June 23, 2012

On our way home

Well, the Workshop is over...and it's a very bittersweet feeling. Sweet because I'm going home to the family...but bitter's over. :P It was an AMAZING week...simply one of the best times I've ever, ever had and I'm so thankful for all I learned and the memories that were made.
Last night, the S's let us stay up until 1 and we all hung out in and outside the gym and its lounge with most of the girls crying their eyes out and a ton of the group forming a large prayer circle.
The goodbyes were sad (and no...I actually didn't really cry), but we were all so thankful for such an awesome time. :)
Gotta get up in...4 something to get on the road in time to make it down to have lunch with everyone at church.
So...I plan on getting pictures of the trip up when I get home...and didn't get near as many as I wish I had. :/ But oh well! I got what I did! :P
Smile and shine for Christ! :)
Over and out for now.
P.S. HI MOM! See you tomorrow! :D

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