Friday, June 22, 2012

(Insert Title 2)

Okay, so I'm in the big Bell center right now and the room is buzzing with all these epic people doing epic...craaazy things and saying even epicer, crazier things.
Got Amanda on my right...and she's...browsing the OYAN forum...while AT the SW. :P
I can't remember what the last day I blogged was, but not a whole lot has really happened other than the normal stuff. I've gotten more pictures, but still not enough and since this is the last day I'm going to be trying to get more today with different people and I HOPE.
I've hung out with the same group of people mostly and all of them are never in the same group...or rarely. :P Names...names...names are....let me think. Jacki, Hannah, Amanda, Eli, Reagan, Jonathan, Maura, Kristin, Braden, Blaine, Laura, Katie...and that's mostly it...there are few others that I've hung out with and looking at the list, it looks huge...but it doesn't really feel like that compared to how many people are actually here!
Last night there was this improv group that were on stage for about two hours last night and were SOOOO funny. The whole room could hardly breathe between laughs. Dad even stayed up late to watch them.
Critiques are going really well and it's a ton of fun. I plan on getting a picture of my whole group today.
So many crazy things have happened I can't even begin to recount them all. I'll think of a small list though...hmmm...Okay, I lead a team of girls to glitterfy Mr. S. I've BEEN glitterfied, I discovered I have a twin brother here (O.o), I pulled a prank on Mrs. S in front of the ENTIRE group (not like me is it?), I was called up on stage afterward and was given the ends of Mrs. S pants that she cut off to make her pirate outfit, all of Eli's things in and around his backpack were decorated in pretty, pink jewels and I swear I didn't do it...though I may have known something about the gems (which have somehow ended up on my phone. :P )...and...oh goodness...SO much more. :P
I'm really sad that it's the last day, but so thankful for the whole trip. It's been simply saturated with epic epicness.
Oh one other crazy thing has been the costumes...there have been some CRAZY ones...and highly creative. I"m pretty glad I didn't bring any...I like staying comfortable. :P
I know there's more to talk about and to be honest I'm enjoying the slight break from the huge crowd...I never knew there could socialization overdrive...but it's EPIC! :P But...I should probably stop some time around...NOW. :P
Love to my family! Miss you and see you soon!
Smile and shine for Christ!
Over and out for now.
P.S. Hi Mom! I'm still having fun and staying safe! (MOSTLY) Okay, okay...yes...staying safe. :P


  1. I wondered if you would overdose on socializing, but then I remembered who I was thinking of and felt quite confident that you'd be fine. It's been really quiet,non epic, non dramatic around here.I'm trying to figure out why. Maybe I'll know by about next Monday. But anyways, I can't wait to see my ANNIE HOPE and I HOPE with all my heart she's had the best of the bestest happiness she could have...mmmmmwwwwaaaa!

  2. And now, I'm going to Eli's blog for pictures..:P