Friday, June 29, 2012

We ran to Ft. Rucker today to go to the thrift store and do our grocery shopping and I looked out the window and saw that the Crepe Mertyls (how do you spell that? :P ) were blooming. I'd caught a glimpse of them as I walked through the house before and made a note to get pictures of them...but it seems like nothing on my mental check list ever gets done unless I do it as soon as I think of it. So, right before we left I ran out and got a few shots...I may go get more..they're just sooooooo beautiful. I've always really loved I'm always happy when they start blooming around here. ^_^
I'm headed to Fl tomorrow with some of the Dad, Mom and the younger girls...Mom and the little girls have gotten into a horse thing down there and I've haven't gone with them yet, so I thought I might as well go tomorrow and spend some time with the family. :) I plan on getting pictures of that too! :D
Y'all remember to smile and shine for Christ!
Over and out for now.

Somehow, this picture reminds me of the old Narnia movies...

I was only able to get one picture of this it didn't turn out well, but I loooove this color.

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  1. Lovely pics, sis! The last one actually looks pretty good. :)