Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shoot for the stars (chasers)!

 Today we got up bright and early (six can be bright and early right?) and headed down to FL. to Mom's and the three little girl's mounted drill team practice. Dad has gone every time before and Micah has gone most, but this was my first time and it was really, really neat. I think the best part was seeing how much fun Mom and the girls had and seeing what they have been able to enjoy doing with the horses. I was very impressed by the drills and Mom's and the girl's participation. Naomi didn't get to ride too much since her horse still needs some work, but she was such a sport and sat with a smile watching the others. 
It was a really long day...we didn't get home till about 7:30 tonight, but it was a really neat day and I was thankful for the time spent with my family. I got to spend some time with Micah and then I had some great talks with Dad between watching everything. Of course, we missed Em who is house-sitting again. I missed staying with her this time, but she is only staying the weekend so maybe we can hang out next time. 
And that's just about all for now, folks! Got church doesn't feel like Saturday for some reason. I guess it's just been a long...but short week. (how does that work? Hmmm, I'm blond...I guess that means anything goes, right?! :D :P Yes...I will use that when I can. ). Been an awesome week and we are looking forward to the next! God is very good. :) 
Always remember to smile and shine for Christ!
Over and out for now.

Lydia in the car with her new crop

Naomi really is happy...

Naomi Ruth next to Rusty as the back two horses are being unloaded.

Lydia and Robb (Abby's horse.)

Naomi and her horse (Or...half a horse), Tinker.

In the arena.

Only a man as awesome as my Dad would have power tools everywhere he goes. :P Dad is such an amazing sport and example; going down and acting as "stable boy" all day long. I think he was fixing a stirrup here.

Jeff Gordon's #1 Fan. :P Micah and I enjoyed some time together today as the spectators.

Quite a lovely little lady, I think.

What does one do while one has nothing else to do and is discovering, not for the first time, what the word "boredom" means? One takes pictures of one's own hand holding a water bottle that one has torn the paper from already. Yeah...

I know a lot of bloggers might insert the word "art" here. But, I say it's a just a picture of a water bottle on my lap. Why do you care to see it? Hmmm...I really don't know.'s SHINY! :D

Naomi and Tink again.

Part of the team during a drill practice.

Lydia carried the Marine flag...muchly kewel.

Micah and me...I've got me one cool bro. 8-)

I think my camera is starting to go never used to do this with the lighting...random note there, fur ya.

And, of course, the real reason any of us came!...a five star three course, gourmet meal...mmmhhhhmmm. Of course, I did figure out some clever ways to spread mayo on bread...and I made ever sandwich on my lap without getting mustard on my skirt!!! That's sorta a big deal...

Ooooh, yes...teehee...Dad, Micah and I went to a super cool shop...can you guess what kind? :D They had  PINK Judge! Me wants.

Mother and Daughter. Or, simply... Mom and Lydia.

Naomi sitting, loyally, with her horse.

Then we headed home! And, of course, we had to stop at another five star joint for dinner. This place is so fancy, you don't even have to get out of the car for your food! They deliver it through a fancy, shmancy window straight to you! And they package everything up all perty and all.

You see that little tan thing in the bottom right of this picture? That's called a Frappe. The real reason one stops at that five star joint I mentioned above.   


  1. Oh it looks like you had an awesomely fun day! That is really cool that your mom loves horses. My mom doesn't like animals, so it's always a slight shock to me when I hear about other people's moms loving them. ^_^

  2. Hey, this is really cool, Anna! :D I used to ride on our 4-H mounted drill team a few years ago. It's a lot of fun!! :D I didn't know anyone in your family rode!!!

  3. Hmm. I have no idea what a mounted drill team is. Or does. I'll have to be educated some time.
    Cool event! Naomi is super cute with her horse. And I love the flag! Semper Fi, Lydia! United States Marines, the toughest fighting force in the world (don't you say a thing, Micah. I'm only quoting my grandparent's pastor!).

  4. Eli, a mounted drill team is people riding horses and following a pattern. It's like a dance on horseback.