Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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Okay...I am really trying to keep my word and blog for Mom. But...I. Am. Tired. Like...realllllllllllly tired. :P I think everyone was telling me I looked tired since breakfast this morning and the comments have gotten closer together as the day goes on. :P
So, I'll do a quick post with very basic-ness about the day.
The BEST thing that happened today...oooh, this is SO good. We glitterfied Mr. S! Like...really, really...we really did it! It was my idea, of course. And a few of the other girls did it with me. Mrs. S gave her full approval beforehand (though of course said something like "I know nothing!") and so we worked out a brilliant plot to lure our unsuspecting victim into our greedily awaiting, glitter filled hands. And as soon as he was in sight...CHAZAM!!! Glitter all over him! It was really quite epic. He seemed to like it. :P Then we had to clean the extra glitter up... :/ But it was SO worth it!
There were some AMAZING lectures today...Jeff Gerke gave a REALLLLLY awesome one on the first fifty pages of your novel. That was the last session...which is why I mention it...first? Hmmm...IDK. Anyways, his session went a bit longer than planned...almost 2 hours. But the whole thing was really great.
Oh...there was an awesome session by Mark Twain himself. THAT was cool. A guy came out in costume and told stories and tied them in and...it was just really, really cool. I haven't figured out who the guy is, but whoever he is...he's way too good at this. :P He memorized SO much and some just plain ol' awesome stuff.
The critique group was actually a lot of fun. I wasn't sure what to do at first...as in...how honest to be, etc. But once I got the feel for it I really, really had a blast with it. It's cool having the same group all week long too.
Ooookay...I said I was going to keep this short...I really need to go get a shower so that I can try and get some sleep tonight. :P
*waves* Hi Mom! I'm staying safe and STILL having a good time! (I know...I didn't think that could happen. :P )
Love to my family! Miss y'all! :)
Smile and shine for Christ!
Over and out for now. 8-)

P.S. I've GOT to remember to take pictures!!!!! :P

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  1. Thank you Anna. You don't have to blog if you're that tired. It's just "one more thing you have to do" and I don't like doing those dumped on me. You're set free...
    Love you,