Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We're here!!!

Okay...so this time I DO have pictures...but they are still on my camera. ;P I don't have enough time to upload them right now, so I might have to save that for when I get back. However! I did tell Mom that I would blog and so I'll try really hard to get that done.
So far this is simply ammmmazing. It's the coolest thing to meet everyone and get to know them in real life. Everyone back home knows what a glomp is (Yes...YOU Lydia :P ) and no...there have been no glomps so far. However...I came pretty close to glomping a couple of the girls, unintentionally, when I first saw them. :P
Last night we got to the University at about...3ish and there weren't many people here yet. But they all started to get in pretty fast and the epicness is completely overwhelming. :D
The dorms are...hmmm...well, their white...and block...and...very...basic. :P But they don't really need to be fancy right?
I stayed up till the midnight curfew. Hung out with a group of the people I know and it was a tone of fun. :D
I've gotten to meet Mr. and Mrs. S and talked to Mr. S a bit and it's been really cool to meet someone who's taught you something. Which just makes me all the more thankful that I get to live with the person who has taught me just about EVERYTHING (take a bow, Marmee :) ).
It's 7:13 right now and Dad's in the shower, so I'm in a lounge right now getting this written up and trying to wear off the effects of the 5 hour energy shot that I took too late last night. :P Here's a tip for you...never, ever, never take a 5 hour energy shot on an adrenaline high. Bad idea. :P
Everyone is really awesome and it's so much fun putting faces to names.
Oh...and yesterday we got here and Braden (they guy that did the funny vids...y'all know him.) brought his guitar and fiddle and he and his brother were up there playing...so Eli walked up to Braden and said something to him and somehow I ended up there singing...really quietly and I forgot the words...to DANNY BOY!? Oh well...it was fun though. :P Oh, and we found a piano in one of the lounges, so a few of us girls stood around and played and sang (well...they played while we sang. :P ). So far...this is a the total, God given blast I expected and even better. :)
Kristin brought glitter...but thus far there has not been the best chance to glitterfy anyone...sooo...we'll see if that happens. :P
Today we are starting sessions and critique groups. First session is at 9 and I can't wait!
Dad's about ready so I'd better wrap this up. Thank you to my family for letting me come...seriously...I'm really, really thankful. :)
I love you, family, and miss you all a bunch! I'll try to blog again tonight or in the morning.
Smile and shine for Christ, always! :D
Over and out for now. :)


  1. Love you Anna! Glad youre having a great time. :)

  2. I love the blog post! I'm so glad to hear that it is all you were hoping for...wear a helmet if you glomp...ok, ya can't take the mom outa me! Forget the helmet, just glomp carefully. I love you Annie. I miss you!