Sunday, September 30, 2012

A journey to the place where rain doth fall and the lights shine yellow...

 That's right, folks! Dollar General! :P
No...there's no reason at all that I need to post this, but I realize that too many of my posts don't have pictures in them. Terrible thing, right?
And...I kinda felt like PJ went with Em and I to DG. Though, I'll have to keep it brief...Jakie Bug is going to spend the night here, so I'll be staying out with him in the den so that Tina can take Bonnie to her Dr. appt tomorrow. And he JUST got here!...
It's a few minutes later...So...he's kinda settled down now. I'll probably stick in a movie for him so that he'll settle down and maybe I can outline a bit.
Hope y'all had a super, duper day! :) And have an epic day tomorrow! Be sure to smile and shine for Christ, no natter where you are! :)
First...gas stop. Prices aren't too bad. Isn't that sad? ...

Hmmm...she left the keys in the car. I want to go to Dothan...hmmmmmmm...

But, we just went to DG instead. :/ :P

Macro shot...didn't turn out like I wanted.

I've had to wear my glasses a bit more lately. When I went into Dad and Mom's room tonight, for some reason, Dad didn't believe they were my glasses. 0.0 :P

"Walking between the raindrops, riding the after shock beside you..." yeah...when a song gets stuck in my really gets stuck.

 Have a great night!
Peace, beans and nuts, y'all! :-D

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