Tuesday, July 3, 2012

HAPPY 3rd OF JULY!!!!! (Uhhh...that doesn't sound right. Oh well, enjoy the pictures anyways!)

(First of all...aint that cheese kewel?! *points up* My Mom made that. :D )
Okay...so...I hadn't really planned on a blog post today...but turns out I got enough pictures of enough semi interesting things to do one. So why not?! :D
The main event of the day was harvesting our honey. Mr. Russ C. had dropped his cow off to visit with our bull the other day and came to pick her up today. He really knows his stuff, especially when it comes to bees, so he helped Dad get the honey in and ready for extraction! 
Been doing a little bit of prep for tomorrow...I think that holidays are only good when they give you an excuse to hang out with friends and family...(and maybe reflect a bit on the reason for the holiday.)
Anyhoo...not a ton to say....I'll let the pictures do the talking right now. 
Y'all be sure to smile and shine for Christ!
Over and out for now...

Dad and Mr. Russ and Mom

Da cow. Not sure what her name is.

They were stuffing everything they could find in there to make smoke. Even sent me to the house to get some fabric...'twas rather amusing.

ALIENS!!!!!!! Scream and run. 

My beeeeautiful sista. Dawgon she's so cool. ^_^ (But don't tell her I said that.)

The brave men and my crazy sister...Emily was rather...brave and approached the bees pretty closely all for the sake of pictures! Talk about a devoted blogger. I sacrificed good pix for the sake of my safety. I know...shame on me. But...hopefully the new camera that I just ordered has a better zoom than my current one and I can get away with being safe. :P

Dad doing...something with the cooler. I am sure it was very kewel. Whatever it was...

Is it just me, or do I have the most beautiful dog on the planet? It's just me? No...it's not. He's the most beautiful. *nods*

Dad on left with his super cool brush and Mr. Russ doing...something. Hmmm...these guys are doing a lot of "something".   

Two more hives. Happily undisturbed. (See that sky in the background? I got one word for you...HUMIDITY. Gotta love Bamy!)

Ooooh...this...do you know how many snakes could be in that overgrowth?! :D I kinda thought about wading through it and seeing if I could find any...like...rattle snakes. But *sigh* I decided not to. Prrrrobably not the best plan. Wait...I'll face a rattler but not bees? Hmmmmm...

I'm not sure what this is, but it was sitting all by itself. Have no idea where it came from. Looks to be a fruit of some kind. And it caught my eye, sitting in the dirt like it was. Kinda pretty colors.

I'm not saying anything. Except that this is another attempt to cure myself of my overly consuming arachnophobia. Anybody got any more tips? Sheeeeeesh...yuuuuck...ewww...aaaaah....okay...moving on...

 Okay, y'all...here's my little sister on the phone. She was on the thing for hours today! :P That's a very rare things...but I remember the pony express days when you would write a letter and hope the carrier wasn't shot dead on the trip! Okay...maybe I don't remember those days...but I do remember when letters were the only way I ever thought of keeping on touch with people. :P

Oh, yeah. Back to the honey. Here's Dad using that fancy knife that gets all hot to scrape the comb off of the frame, thus opening the comb and removing the caps so that the honey can be properly extracted.

Aint that cool?

I kinda think this picture is kewel. Don't you?

It's...SHINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D (A close up of honey. And it's shiny!!!!!)

And here's the honeycomb bidding you all farewell! :D Guess I got kinda crazy in this post. Oh well...what can I say? That's me. :P I'm totally nuts...and I love it. Yep. Yep. Yep.


  1. Love the dirt and red plum thingy picture :D Cool pix, sis! You're pretty swell too, btw!

  2. I have to appreciate a writer that knows when to break the rules in order to write kewl blog posts.

    And I need one of those bee keeping outfits. Kids might take me seriously if I had one. Yes. I must have one.

  3. Anna, I didn't know you had bees!!! :D :D cool!! And your mom makes cheese? Where do you guys get the milk?

    Eli...you are just too much. :P

  4. Hi Anna! You've been nominated for the Liebster Blog award! Check www.olivia-myepiphanies.blogspot.com for more details.