Sunday, September 30, 2012

The time has come

Well...I haven't written in what feels like forever. Even if it's only been a couple or few months. It feels like forever. Maybe because I was working either on my book, a short story, song or poem almost constantly for well over a year. Then, I finished my book and wrote a short story or two...maybe a few songs and a poem or so, and that's been it. I got ready to dive right into my next novel, but I just felt tired of writing. So, I waited a bit then started my next planned book. But it went in the totally wrong direction, so I stopped it and just haven't felt the urge to write. Or had the inspiration.
However! Over the last couple of weeks my author side has been absolutely bugging me to death and I've been itching like crazy to get back to writing. I didn't know what to write, so I went to the story idea section of the writing for I used to be on and read through some of my ideas. I have narrowed it down to two that I will choose from right now and I think I may know which one I'm going to do...but I thought I'd put them both up here and see what folks thought. It'd be a big help if you could just say 1 or 2. :)
I wrote these a while ago and really should refine then into real synopsis, but I think they should, at least, get the idea across enough. Before I start either of them, I'll have to outline the one I choose to work on right now. Though, I will be as basic as humanly possible. :P

Story # 1 ~ Amnesia (Title not firmly set)
(This story is meant to be a mild comedy of sorts and I don't have everything firmly in place, but I liked the idea when I read it again.

A husband and wife, who are both around 22 years old, get into a car accident. They both go to the hospital with head injuries. Jill recovers and goes back to life...except she thinks she is 19 again. Before she met Dave. She thinks she is still living at home with her parents finishing her degree with no plans for marriage whatsoever. Meanwhile...Dave is in the hospital and they don't know if he will live. Jill's parents and Dave's parents are all close. But Jill acts like she's never met his parents...making it very hard on them and on her parents.
Dave lives and comes out and goes back to his parents to live for a while...because he thinks he's 19 again too. Before he met Jill.
The parents have to figure out a way to re-introduce Jill and Dave and "get them back together" without telling them what's going on because that could ruin any hope of recovery for them.
Jill and Dave meet... and show no interest in eachother, leaving the parents in a very awkward position. They have to keep getting them together somehow which makes for some very strange, awkward, comical moments because Jill and Dave have no idea why their parents are so set on getting them together when neither of them cared for their children to get married at all. PLUS the parents are all acting very familiar.
To complicate matters...Jill is just barely pregnant. 

It's up to the parents to get them back together for their sake, their childrens' sakes...and now for the sake of their grandchild.  But, how will they do it? And the real question...can they do it?


 Story # 2 ~ No Title Yet :P
(This story would be on the action/thriller side of the genre spectrum and is not intended to be a romance, though I expect a romantic subplot would be involved. I can't seem to avoid those. :P)

A woman is the the middle of writing the sequel to a very, very successful fictional novel...when she sees her MC IRL. She sees him and recognizes him...but thinks it's just a coincidence. I am thinking she sees him in a gas station or something...then she sees him go out to his car...and it's the same exact car that her MC had in her book...and it even has the same custom paint job. One of a kind.
She is a little...taken aback, but shakes it off...
Then she sees him again somehow and someone mentions his name and it is her MC's name.
She decided to do a little exploring and discovers that he is not just like her MC...he IS her MC. He is living in the book that she wrote first.
So he is living the prequel and she is writing the sequel. So...she knows what will happen to him etc.
Anything she writes...will happen to him.
She doesn't tell him and they become really good friends...
Due to popular demand she had intended to kill the MC in the end of the book...but there are obviously complications now.

It gets confusing when he has to go through some things that SHE wrote. And she tries to stop them...but gets tangled up in them instead...


  1. Both of those sound fantastic, Anna...I think either of them would be a good choice.

    I'm going to vote for 1, though. Sounds funny and interesting - and the fact that there's a grandchild involved raises the stakes that might higher.

    We miss you around OYAN, by the way...

    1. Hey, Livvy! :)

      Okay, thanks so much!

      I miss a bunch of folks around OYAN too...been wanting to tell you, though...if you wanted to write letters, you can ask Kristin (Molihua97) for my address and tell her I said she can give it to you. ;)

  2. I would vote for 1. 2 is good, but markably less developed than 1. Also, 1 has a clear story goal. 2 has no clear goal, and a less clear conflict. In short, I just think 1 has a much clearer framework and skeleton, but of course, 2 could attain this as well. Maybe you know more about it than you wrote here.

    I'd want to read either one, of course, but 1 also intrigues me because it's comedy. That interests me. The plot is also pretty amusing just from the synopsis, although there's no way I'd read this if I didn't know it was written by a clean-writing Christian. :P

    1. Thankee.
      I was leaning towards the first one...and coming up with a good title shouldn't be too hard this time.

      I really don't know much more about the second one than I what I put up there...and you're right about the first one already having a story goal. Which, for me, is huge. of right now, I think I'll go with 1. Yep.
      Haha...yeeeeah...well, I appreciate that. :P