Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sunshine up above and down below

 I went out side with PJ to...actually, I'm not sure why...but I looked up and saw the sky and the sun was peaking through. I love that and whenever the rays of sunlight spill through the clouds, it makes me think  of when Christ returns. :)
While I was marveling at the beauty above, I looked down and saw some below. ^_^ Abby tends to be my tag-along often and she had followed me outside with a huge grin on her face. It's funny how siblings can be like their older siblings...because everyone says that Naomi is just like Emily was at that age and that Abby is just like I was. That's pretty scary now that I think about it. :P
Anyways! Here's some pictures. :)
Hope y'all are having an EPIC day! :D So much to smile about, yes? :)


She's...always smiling...I mean...seriously. It's hard to catch her without a happy expression on her face. I say that real smiles are from Christ...and Abby has been very blessed in that department. 8-)

Talk about a little bit of sunshine! This girl was stung TEN times by wasps yesterday...does that keep her from smiling? NO! Of course not!

I told her to give me her biggest smile...I think that's pretty good, don't you? lol. I wish I could catch her laughing...it's so cute and funny. She had me in stitches tonight with all her goofy, fun stunts she loves to pull on me. If you're needing a good laugh or just someone to brighten your day...Abby is the gal for you. ;)


  1. I've often observed that Abby reminds me of you, minus nine or ten years.

  2. Really? I didn't really see it until recently after everyone had been telling me so much and I saw a picture of me when I was about ten that I thought was Abby for a split second. :P

  3. Yes, exactly. She has similar mannerisms also. She made an expression a few weeks ago that looked just like you.

    1. Haha...that's actually kinda cool. I guess it's harder to see yourself in someone else...cuz I didn't exactly see me when I was little like everyone else did. :P

  4. Beautiful pictures Anna!! I love the sunsets during the winter time. Up here in MN we don't get very many awesome summer sunsets. :(

    But when autumn comes up they are truly brilliant! Gorgeous pictures!