Sunday, July 15, 2012

Swimming and such

 As soon as Dad and Mum returned with the little kiddos, some of them ran and got dressed to swim. And...after they were done getting ready to swim...they...swam! :-D

On the way out I saw Mom and Lydia getting their horses out to work with them.

You see that shiny red thing? That's some of the remnants of the van decorating. I don't quite know how it happened...but we are finding pieces of this stuff everywhere! :P

Da Pa


Abby...not splashing

Okay...NOW Abby is splashing

Naomi climbing the slide with the swim mask on her...knee? *shakes head* The strange things kids do these days.

"What's wrong with these things?! My knee can't see anything through them!"

George, Alfred and Patsy. that's not their names. But it seemed unoriginal to just say "Micah, Dad and Abby."

Oscar. (Okay...I know that's not right...)

"I will be rising from the ground! Like a skyyyscraper!" (Or "I will be rising from the water! Like small minion!" Cheesy right? :D )

"You don't know what we're talking about." ~~ "Dragonflies?"

A fig. I'll name him...Sue.

Then they all got out of the pool. See?

Rather cute, don't you think? Of course you do.

The inside of a bush. Can I get any more rrrandom?! :D

LOOK! Dat boy IS smiling now!! :D

Dad found a tiny skink and came out to show us.


I wonder how it would taste with salt. I guess we will never know because the smart thing escaped. *sigh*

Oh...and on a slightly random note...I can't see waves or large amounts of water without thinking of this song. (Can you tell that music is always on my mind? :P ) Maybe it's because of the picture on the vid. Maybe... :P


  1. It's a noble effort, but I really don't think anything can make a fig tough. Even calling him Sue.
    Oscar. Hmm. I'm so totally going to call her that sometime.
    @ Song link: I just love that song. Sing it at work sometimes, actually.

    1. Dawgonit...poor fig. I tried so hard. :/
      lol...I call every random thing/person Oscar when I don't know their name. :P
      Oh yeah? Very cool. Me too...I sing it at work too...*cough* while I'm *cough* sweeping. :P