Monday, July 16, 2012

Movie night with Brotha! :D

Last night Micah and I watched Kingdom of Heaven for the first time. It's a movie not fitting for kids, so Dad let us go to Micah's room and watch it on his computer.  It was actually a really, really good movie. Aside from some moral mess ups and one scene that needs to be was awesome. :-D Rather...uhhh...bloody...but in the words of Miracle Max "I've seen worse." :P
I actually sat for the entire movie...and didn't get bored. 0.0 Of course I did have PJ with me and played with him some. :P I admit that I watched most of the battle scenes by peeking over my pillow... :-P
It was a lot of fun and one of the few good movies I've seen in a long time. Dad had told me over and over...aaand over ( :P ) that it was an "Epic movie!". And I have to admit it really was. It was a pretty accurate film about the crusades, starring Orlando Bloom (one of my fav actors :D. ) The battle scenes were great...though bloody...and almost all of the acting was amazing...the story line was great and complex but not to the point that it gave you a headache. :P The aspect of the religion from back then was accurate for the most part from what I can tell and what I discussed with Dad.
The main issue that I had with the movie was that it showed the idea of a "universal god." in the sense that all gods are God. They came across as saying that Allah and Christ Jesus are both God for whoever chooses to believe in whichever they choose. I would have to watch the movie again to completely understand the circle of religion that they had going on, but there were some parts of it that were very good.
One of my favorite characters was actually the king who was a leper. He wasn't in the movie a ton...but the parts that he was in were amazing. His whole demeanor and his heart and love for the people more than for himself was amazing.
Anyways...I actually enjoyed the movie and would recommend it with some cautions attached.
And! It was a ton of fun to hang out with my epic bro. 8-)

That there is Liam Neeson. :D
 Micah all geared up for the movie that we have heard about forever. :P Quite the...uhhh...look he has going on, huh? :P

Micah and Me. (Could you have guessed?)

Ever notice how the warnings are on for too long, you can't fast forward them...but they aren't up long enough for you to actually read them? I noticed that. I did. Yes.

Micah let me wear his Chevy Racing Hat. :D Now, this may look like just and old, beat up, overly worn hat...but let me tell you...around here this hat may as well be made of gold. So even for me, as his sister, to get to wear it is something. And you can see how thrilled I am. :P

Poor Legolas. :'( Yes...of course...I was quoting Legolas at the most inopportune points of the movie. :P


And...we shall end with a picture I took of the movie.


  1. Ooh that sounds like an interesting movie.....

  2. LOVE the picture of you in the golden Chevy hat. :D and the picture of Micah all geared up for the event is awesome too. :)