Thursday, July 12, 2012

Child's Play

 That's right. I've been acting like a child with this camera. Running around snapping pictures of everything I see. And it's fun! :D I have no idea what I'm doing...but maybe that's what's so fun about it! :P Anyhoo...I went out and got some more pictures, obviously...and decided to throw some of them up here. It's so much fun playing with all the settings on my camera. You may get bored with all the pictures I take and post for a while...but...uhhh...oh well? :P
We've been...enjoying (?) some very overcast, often rainy weather lately. The humidity level is crazy. Feels like you're swimming every time you walk outside. :P Reminds me of the every day weather in Germany...only it's hot here and was cold there. 
Anyways! Enough about the weather... :P
Hope everyone is having an EPIC day! :D
Smile and shine for Christ!
Over and out for now. :D

Naomi and Tinker this is adorable.

Run! It's a beast!!!! (A perty beast.)

That's called a bird's nest.

Pink and Perfect. How is it that flowers never stop being so beautiful? God's so good to put beauty in the world.

Speaking of beauty...don't I have a beautiful little sister!? :D

And beauty must be a theme tonight...because these two people put together make one beautiful couple.

Me Ulky. :D Loverly in purple.

A pretty perplexed person. Also a pretty and perplexed person. :P

Ugh...I can't even look at it. I went out behind the workshop and turned the corner to see THIS...and I almost flipped. But!...I made myself stand still and take pictures. Then I slowly stepped back telling myself that it's just a spider...but I don't think that worked because I turned around and bolted. :P Yes...this picture was taken with much zoom. :/

This is red. What more need I say?

And this is green.

Would you believe that I have been enjoying taking pictures of leaves almost as much as flowers? :P

For this picture, all you have to do is sit the camera on the ground and click.

This is called a stonewall.

You simply wouldn't believe how many angles you can get with a good slab of stonework! It's rather fun too. Had me grinning the whole time. :P

The front porch. Just about my favorite place to be.

:'( The van looks so plain when it's all clean.

Does this camera make me look cool? :P


  1. Love the last pic.... And no- just because you said that shmoozy thing about my being pretty does not mean I will promise not to post that video :P

    1. Hehe...thanks. :D You and me seem to have a thing for our eyes lately, I realized. :P
      WHAT?!' know what you are? You're a...a classic big sister! That's what you are. What do you have to say to that? Hmm?

  2. Nice pictures. I didn't realize you were into photography so should talk to Jayne if you haven't already. She's got some great tips.
    On another note, since you said this was Child's play maybe I can be excused for talking to you like one and just warn you...should you take your camEra to town, you should be aware that some people there are...uhm.../sensitive/ about their property (*cough*hotel*cough*) being photographed. So you should probably bring camouflage. :P

    1. Yeah, I've always loved it. I might do that, thanks. :) are excused this time. Really? Hmmm, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the warning. :P

  3. Yes. The camera does make you look cool. Is it The Precious, Jr.?

    1. That was a trick question... :/ :P
      Precious Jr.?'re like the tenth person to say something along those lines. :P

  4. Honey you don't need the camera to make you look cool! And I am head over heels for the red and green pictures... Lol ;) I need a new camera horribly... Nicki hates me :) oh! I ate a chocolate covered bacon cupcake the other day and thought of you!

  5. See why we get along so well? We think alike. *nods* :P Haha...I like them too. :) Yeah...I did I spent all my money and got one. :/ :P
    Haha...NICKI!!! Love that guy. :P You did?! :D Dawww...we SO gotta have a cupcake cook-off when I come up for Thanksgiving! :D And you and I will be on a team and we HAVE to use nutella and bacon and listen to Josh Groban. :P