Friday, July 13, 2012


As the title of this post says...just been doing some practicing. I went outside to get some pictures and it started raining (again) I thought I'd take advantage of it. :D
Got some pix of my ring on the concrete...I'm sure I made an interesting sight, laying on my stomach during the rain, taking pictures. :P's a few pix. This new camera is so much fun. :D
Smile and shine for Christ!
Over and out for now. :-D

Here's a view from our lake...yeah...

The clouds got realllly cool today. :D

Oooops, how did this pic get here? I mean...seriously...look at that face. It'''s a good thing she's so cute. For her sake.

Maybe it's the Narnian still in me, but I love pictures like this.


  1. You, dear, are a true photographer at heart if you are out there lying in puddles for the sake of a few pictures! ^_^
    And methinks getting wet was worth it; they look great. Kudos!

    1. Haha, thanks Hannah. :P But I wasn't actually in the rain that much. I mostly staid under the porch.
      Thankee! :D

  2. Love the pictures dearest! Especially the Narnian one! I am still a Narnian believer too!