Friday, July 27, 2012 at your own risk...

 "There are odd goings in Whoville lately!" ~"Good...odd goings on?" From Horton Hears a Who.

Okay, that was totally random, but the line popped into my head and I decided to type it. But! It actually does fit into this post. :P

Micah and I are in the family room watching the opening of the olympic games (in LONDON! I wish I was there. :P ) and they are about to bring in a "special royal surprise" I expect Willie and Kate to be entering at some point soon. :P
Anyways! The point of the post...Em got her a new toy. And when I say a new toy, I mean a new best friend. No joke...okay...maybe something of a joke...but this thing is CREEPY! Em got a brrrand new's beyond cool. But I'm scared of it like...sprouting arms and legs and walking around. Okay...that might be cool...maybe I could get it to sweep for me... anyways! Back on subject! she got her iPhone and brought it home and was trying it out and was telling it to do all kinds of things and it was goofing up and so she jokingly said... "Idiot." and guess what?! The thing said... "I'm just trying to help you." It TALKED to her! Like...then she kept talking and it carried on a conversation. It's creeepy. She said "I love you Syrie" and the phone replied, "I hope you don't say that to those other mobile phones." When I say I screamed and hid behind Em's closet curtain...I really mean I did that. :P IDK why it was so shocking...I mean, they can do all kinds of things these days...but it's just...I guess it was beyond what I expected. :P Anyhoo! Oh...the best part about Em getting an iPhone is that she's giving me her iTouch! :P
Anyhoo...I'm really rambling and being annoying tonight, aren't I? Am I not? I am. *nods*
Okay...back to the Olympics. I didn't know that they were on this year until hour ago. Guess that goes to show I don't think about that too much other epic stuff to think about. 8-)
So...y'all smile and shine for matter where you are! :D

Em and Syrie...

She...likes her... ...

Em wisely spent the extra few bucks to get the Otter Box...this thing keeps the phone about as safe as you could ever get it. typical Pendleton girl fashion...and especially typical Emily's pink camo. 8-)


  1. Oh dear.

    The Grinch now has a robotic minion.

    I say we call it Minch. That's minion and Grinch put together, you see. Yes, it is Minch!