Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shtuff from today...

 Today was kind of a slow...laid back Saturday. And it was pretty nice to have a slower day. Dad and Mom decided not to go to Starchasers they got the horses out and worked with them here. Dad went out with them and helped and Micah and I did a bunch of stuff and Em was at work all day. Not sure what all Micah did, but I...let me think...what did I do? A lot....but not much. :P I did a good bit of housework...made some bread...oh! Today on AFR they did the "20 The Countdown Magazine" which is where they count down the top 20 songs among Christian artists...I always love that so I got to listen to some of that. :D I reviewed some of my book (boy, do I have a lot of editing to do. :P ) and other stuff. Then when Em got home, we went to town for a bit. Seems like fooorever since I've been to town. Felt nice to get out. Went to a few stores to get some stuff for my iPod and *grins* I went to Lifeway, of course. I think they're starting to get to know me in there. :P I got a new album...i could have bought four or five...there were several more that I wanted, but I decided against it since I don't exactly have an income. :P (Really want Britt Nicole's albums...especially Gold...but those will have to wait. I think I can survive... :P ) So...I got a Phillips, Craig and Dean album. Don't have one of theirs yet and I've liked some of their stuff on AFR. Can't wait to try it out and see how I like it. :D The guy at Lifeway assured me that it's we'll see!
Then...Em and I came home and here we are. :D Really looking forward to church tomorrow. That's always one of the best days of the week. 
Hope y'all are having a great evening! :D Be sure to smile and shine for matter where you are! :D

Dad and Micah plaid a bit of frisbee and I got some pictures with PJ's zoom through the window.

Abby got bucked off last the wind knocked out of her really good and it was pretty scary at first. But she was fine...even if a bit sore now. But, she's been riding Jeb (Lydia's horse) so that Lydia can work with Rob a bit and see why he bucked like that. Never done it before...

Okay... *facepalm* I was cleaning the kitchen and went over to the coffee bar and saw THIS. Em usually sets the coffee pot up at night so that it will be ready for Dad and Mom in the morning and she leaves a note each time to let them know it's ready. Well...yeah...apparently she has help now since she signed her iPhone's name with her own. 0.0 This thing is really scary...

One of my best friends in the whole world... *sigh* :P (can anyone tell that I kinda like music?)

Sadie looking rather comfy.

And... *grins* I blinged out my iPod. I couldn't resist! I got the star because...well...I just...randomly like stars. The cross because...well, that's obvious. And that "A" because...Em suggested it. And somehow...whenever Emily suggests something it sounds brilliant. :P  Yes, this iPod is very personalized. I guarantee that you won't find another one like it...and that's just the way I like it. 8-) (Em is currently blinging-up her iPhone...we Pendleton girls love our bling. *nods*)

Oh... :D This song is totally a new favorite! I kind of got out of this style for a while, but I've been listening to AFR again a ton and this song has played a couple of times and I just love it. :D It's happy and would be a great song to get set to an alarm clock...hmmm..wonder if I could do that. *ponders*
Oh! And it's got Toby Mac!!! :D Don't like every single one of this songs, but he's one of my favs. :D's the song. Kinda hard not to smile when you hear it. 8-)
(Oh...and you have to look up the song "Me Without You" by Toby's awesome and very much could be about me. :P )


  1. Jayne showed me that song once when we were discussing getting up early and not being able to wake up, I think it was...

    It was to my chagrin, so I'm not sure but maybe that song has been tainted for me.

    Blame Jayne. :P

  2. On the subject of TobyMac, I just so happen to have been listening to him myself lately. You might like his song /Tonight/. It feature's John Cooper's vocals, but it's a good song.

    And those stickers on your iPod look strikingly similar to those some certain young ladies left on my backpack. And darn near everything in it.

    1. Oh, really? That's awesome...he's so awesome. I've liked him for a while, but wasn't hooked till recently. And actually, I have that album. And "Tonight" is a great song...I don't really listen to it often though. I want to pre-buy his new album...I'm sooo tempted and Lifeway. Probably do that next time I get to town. they do.

  3. iPod decor is epic, darlin'! Good job! And yes... Siri is a great help

    1. Danke toots. :D Yes, yes...I know she is. :P

  4. I love "Good Morning" by Mandisa!! I didn't think I would like her at first, but I got her CD for my birthday and now I really do like her! :) I love her song "Temporary Fill" and "Truth About Me".
    My radio is one of my best friends too! I love music, it's very personal to me.
    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Awesome! *highfive* I grew to respect her a lot and she is extremely talented. :) I looove her song "Stronger". :D
      That's awesome. Music is so amazing. :)

  5. The more I read your blog Anna, the more I wish we were neighbors! Such a great young lady you are!! So thankful to have met you on-line!!

    P.S. Love your phone! Mr. Taffy just bought me a new fancy phone (it will be here tomorrow) and I've been selecting covers on Amazon. I think I need about 5, to match my purses or my outfits or my fingernails! lol :o)

    1. Hehe...I actually had the same thought when I was reading your blog! Some day, when I have bucket loads of money, I will fly up and meat y'all. :)

      Thanks! It's actually just the iPod...I don't know what I'd do if I got an iPhone lol! Oh, fun! Mom has had one for a while and she loves it! They are very handy to have. I hope you enjoy it. :D Aren't the covers fun? :D