Sunday, July 15, 2012

There comes a time in every girl's life when she chooses a totally random title for her blog post. This is that time in my life. And my title.

What does one do when bored out of their noggin? (valuable thing...a noggin is, btw.) When an awesome day at church is over and Father and Mother have taken the two youngest minions to town and left us older ones to fend for ourselves with nothing more than the entire house to amuse ourselves with...what do we do? Uhhh...we sit on the couch and veg. At least...some of us do. Others *cough* me...are too Childishly high maintenance to be content with merely sitting watching superhero movies. I envy the good people who can sit down for two hours at time and simply "chill" without going crazy. But some of us (*cough* me again if you didn't know)...get bored. So! We take *PJ and run around the house snapping random pictures. Yep. That's what we do.


Two of my sisters. Rather epic gals.

Ah, yes...I looked up and Micah had this on TV... 0.0

Dat boy needs to smile!!!!

Aha! The dog is at my feet! Right where she belongs! Mwahahaha

Ever wonder what the pool table's view is? Me either. But here it is anyways.

Look! It's even written on the wall!

PJ and me. ^_^ *PJ, you may as well know, stands for Precious Jr. No...this was not my idea...this was not a name chosen by me. has been called that several times and the name has stuck to the point that it would take effort to not call him that. So...Precious Jr. or PJ affectionately, it is. And yes...that may be epic.

*sigh* My happy MUSIC!!!!!

Da bling thing going on over our dining room table.

EGGS! (In a shiny red basket, I might add.)

And, of course...must have something shiny again. :D The cross hanging over my's shiny. 8-)


  1. FTR- I was working on MP Surplus customer service stuff such as answering product inquiries and solving shipment problems. :D

    1. Ah yes, of course dear sista! You were busy...tis true.
      You...wait! Working on Sunday! Shame! :P

  2. Hah! While you were doing nothing I was texting you like crazy and yet you NEVER responded. *bursts into tears*