Monday, July 30, 2012

Some ramblings and some funnies

Ahhhh...long day. What did I do? (And let me ask...why do I ask that?...not like anybody here would know. Or would they? Some people are...nuts. Like...inside your head. But no...that's impossible, right? That only happens in like...creepy movies. Impossible. Totally. Okay...that was random. Or...was it? 0.0 I am sorry...I am being very ditsy tonight, am I not? :P) Anyways...I did a good bit of studying today. Talked to my oldest brother on the phone for a bit (that's always so awesome.). I was excited to get a few things in the mail so I wrote a couple of letters. Oh...and the biggest task of the day...I watched the kids for the better part of the afternoon and evening. That, my friends, is a job to keep you feeling alive. :P Their such awesome kids, though. :) Tonight, Lydia and I are going to hang out in my room...that'll be fun. :D And tomorrow...well...tomorrow is Tuesday. Which means...nothing, except we have another awesome, beautiful, glorious day to live a beautiful life and ponder epic things. :D Looks to be a long Bible study in the middle to break it up...I've gotten so used to that on Wed. (Wednesdays are so cool) nights that it makes the week seem so long without it. :P But...that just means there will be something else awesome to do that night. :D
Anyhoo...I had to share this picture that mah cuzin, Sarah (you can see her blog here ) showed me today. :D We were chatting and she sent it to me and I busted out laughing. It's sooo funny. Especially since we were discussing Cinderella at church over lunch this last week. :P 

Oh, and Sarah told me today that THIS is the reason we're the friends that we are lol.


  1. /Impossible/ according to Trev Chepelski's dictionary of strange and sometimes not-so-epic American terms: A word invented by the Americans when they stopped believing in Christ and couldn't explain how Russia beat them to outer space. Now used as a frequent excuse for dull, boring, hopeless lives. Difficult to pronounce in Russian.

    Yes, no Bible study. But still a happy Wednesday, I have no doubt.

    1. find the most random...nutty...perhaps epic sounding (just because their so random) definitions.

      Oh, yes...Wednesdays are always happy. *nods* They can't help it. They just are.

  2. All the credit goes to Trev and his dictionary. Quite the critical, nutty fellow, but he's got some epic definitions with which I heartily concur, even if he does tend to take slick stabs at America now and then (e.g. his snide joke about Gagarin, however true his statement might be.)

  3. I know what you can do on Wednesday! You can call me of course! :)