Sunday, July 29, 2012

Something happy...

Today something very happy happened...I not only got to see my sister in law and nephew...but I got to finally meet my niece! :D
And, I put up a couple of sunset pictures...sorry if those are getting old, but I can't resist pictures when I see a beautiful sunset. ;)
I got some pictures of Jakie-bug today while I was playing with him...sorry if there are too many... :P 
God is very good and I'm so thankful for this being able to happen. :)

I can't believe how big he has gotten!

"Look, Auntie! A little man that I can use to hit things with!"

He's watching something on TV here. :P

And doing the same thing here... :P

My buddy and me. ^_^ He looks so tired in this picture. :P This was between him wiggling and laughing, I'm shocked we got a picture where he wasn't blurry lol.

He enjoyed throwing the legos alllllll over the place. :P

I have no idea why...but he thought it would be fun to pick up this huge piece of trim and bang it around...I jumped in and risked my well-being (and my noggin) to stop him. :P

Okay...I spent close to an hour chasing him around the pool table...he was laughing SO hard and it was SOOOOOO adorable!!! Then he would turn to me and start chasing me...then he'd hold his arms up and run to me and I'd scoop him up and swing him around. Talk about a great way to get a 2 1/2 year old to laugh his head off! :D

Ooooh it was so much fun being with him again. :D He wore. me. out. :P But I think I got him all tired for his Mommy, so we're even. :P I want him to come back now though. :P 

And here is Bonnie! Her full name is Bonnie Jean...and she is completely, totally, indescribably, amazingly 100% adorable. She's just two months old and she was smiling so much today. She's such a good baby and it was so wonderful getting to hold her and make her happy and just love up on her. Now I miss her. :P Em got some more pictures of her..I managed to snatch this she may or may not blog them...not sure. But anyways...isn't Bonnie so sweet looking? :D


  1. AH! The sparkling baby has grown up! He looks like an awesome kid.

    And Bonnie is very adorable indeed. Quite the smirk she has on her face.

    1. Haha...he /is/ the one responsible for that...I'd forgotten. :P He's very awesome. No...I'm not biased...

      :D IKR? And she's got my pout too...seriously...she used it on Dad tonight.

  2. Awww... my heart just melted. Bonnie is sooo cute!!