Monday, July 23, 2012

Last Weekend (I know...profound, right?)

Okay! So...last weekend Emily house-sat at the usual Bed and Breakfast. I have decided that I love this place. I mean...really, really love it. It may be my favorite place to be when I'm not home. Sounds kind of funny, but there's something about it that's so peaceful to me. Every single room has a beeeautiful view and there are a ton of's very open...the property is ammmazing. I would very much try to buy it if I could. :P Then I could paint and decorate it how I liked and it would be perfect. *nods* For me at least. I doubt many like my taste in decorating. :P
We were only there for the weekend this time and Em had to go to work on Saturday, so I stayed and took care of the dogs. There are five french bull dogs and two mixed breeds, as I've mentioned in earlier posts.
Normally I go for a long, long walk (I make it long by stopping and sitting in hidden places for a while), but I didn't get to this time. :( 
I tried to finish writing my novel that day, but it didn't work like I'd hoped. Dawgon last few chapters gave me SUCH a hard time. :/ novel IS completed now. be honest, I'm kinda bummed about it. Don't like how it turned out. But! I've been trying to finish a novel since I was about just finishing a book is huge for me and hopefully it will make the next ones ( plans for the next few) easier to get done.
Trying to remember if there is anything else... *ponders* I don't think so. Hmmm...seems like there is...but I can't remember. :P
Anyways! Hope everyone is having a SUPER day! :D :D I am...I mean...I finished my novel, I'm reading another awesome novel that I've wanted to finish reading, I'm listening to an epic list of some of my favorite epic songs...and my favorite days of the week are just around the corner. :D
Be sure to smile and shine for Christ no matter where you are. :D

Wonder how the floor tastes.

This is Oscar, the towel rack pig. (I named him)

This is Oscar the bowl holding frog. (I named him too.)

This is Oscar the decorative chicken. (I don't know who named I just called him Oscar. even if I think it's a hen, actually...)

This is Oscar the...oh wait...that's Emily! The...uhhh...water feeling awesome sister. (I assure you...her I did not name.)

Okay...sunset the first night I HAD to get some pictures. Can you get why I love this place so much?

Some people believe that all clouds have silver linings...mine have GOLDEN ones! :D Makes me think of Psalm 19:1

This reminds me of Aslan's country. P:

Oscar the stone angel. ... ... ...

I don't think I am supposed to be taking a picture...

I love to put a cheesy voice on and say... "There's no time like country time!" And it's TRUE. I can't have real lemonade because of my allergies...but this stuff tastes better anyways. :P

You know what this means, right? Yep...I'm about to write.

Think I look tired? This was the should have seen me the next morning at 1:00 when I was trying to finish my book. :P  ( cheeks look chubby too 0.0 )

Before it is smoldering...good little lap top. Old and ugly...but it serves me well. *nods*

I found a station on TV that plays modern Christian music ALL DAY LONG!!! :D :D I was SO excited. Emily said it was in the 900's so I flipped through and it was on 975. That was really easy to remember for some reason.

*hugs music*

Willie was hardly inspiring... *cough* Cute dog though.

The entire day I was sitting near this epic stone fireplace...had to get a picture. It's a very sturdy looking fireplace, isn't it? book must be boring if he fell asleep right on my outline! Ollie. Enough said...moving on...

This is Zippy! I happen to love this dog! :D She's not Em's fav...but I love her. ^_^

And then the next morning, Em and I got ready for church at the B&B and headed home before going to church.

Aren't we cleva? :P

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  1. Ooh that looks like a fun time and a cool place. =D