Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Smoothies and Smooth Stuff

Okay, so this morning the kids are having raspberry smoothies for breakfast (I tell ya...sometimes allergies just stink. :P ) and Mom came and said, "Anna! Get a picture of the smoothies with the straw and blog about them." When I asked for her reasoning behind this she said, "Because it's just so cute!" 
So...here's a rather cute, pink smoothie. ^_^
AND...*bounces* I had just sat down to comply to Mother's wishes regarding this blog post when *drum roll* Fed Ex pulled up and gave me a present! Okay...so I paid a pretty penny for this present...but still! Now I have to find the money to get a camera case and my own SD card...my old camera used a memory stick, so I can't use it. Oh...and rechargeable batteries. Heh...I need a job...this list keeps getting longer somehow. :P
Bright start to a beautiful day! :D

La pretty, pink, cute little smoothie

Aint it kewel!!! And look! It's shiny too! :D I've already snapped a few pictures (of course :P ) and it's actually even nicer than I thought it would be. That's a pretty nice surprise. 8-) All I want to do today is play with it now...but...alas...I do have purpose on this earth. Housework calls! (And so doth Mom :P )


  1. Um, housework is not the definitive purpose on earth for you My Dear Annie. There are other things, like and such as, your studies....your music and returning my SD card. ;) (Just redirecting the mistaken thought that mom is being a task master)

    1. Oh, yes. Of course, Mother dear. I do have more purpose than merely housework in this life. However...that is my primary object in life at this point...at least today.
      I know that I have many, many..many talents. So many that it would take far more space on my blog than I care to dedicate at this precise point in time. All of these talents come, of course...from you. And for that I am eternally grateful. Your grace and goodness exceeds that of all the stars in the heavens and your beauty and power that of all the greatest queens of history.
      May your reign be long and your life happy.

      P.s. /Now/ may I keep the SD card till I get my own? :-D

  2. Tis true...the houseth is trashethed and thou does existed at this pointeth to cleanith itith. (Wouldn't the "S" love me.) At any rate, sucking up to your mother on your blog is a little "public" don't ya think? Smooth but public... Keep the card till you get your own and remember that we have documentation to the fact that it is indeed MOM's card.
    Queen Mother
    Now get up and clean, Cinderella!

    1. Mumsy...I haTH buteTH one word for thee at this point in time...


  3. You two crack me up!!!
    Youreth neiceeth/ cuzeth

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