Monday, July 23, 2012

Ze Quest...whoops quest. Well, it was to finish my novel last Saturday. And no...I did not succeed. I did try...wrote allllll day long and got over 9,000 words done. The reason I got so little written was because I was having a hard time with two of the chapters I wrote. So...yeah...didn't quite make it. It was about 1:00 a.m. Emily had been a asleep for a while and I was sitting on the sectional in the Bed and Breakfast's living room, trying to finish the book. I knew I'd be awake 'till at least 3:00 if I did and church was the next day and I had not slept well at all the night before...and I didn't want to fall asleep during church. :P (Not that I would have anyways...the message was amazing and kept me captivated...maybe more on that in another post.) And...I have been trying to get into better sleeping habits. :P So...that combined with the fact that I was writing my showdown and falling just didn't happen.
However! I am sitting here in my living room, getting ready to upload pictures from the weekend while I write. 1 and 1/3 of a chapter left...and I can hardly believe it! :D :D :D Seriously. 0.0 I've been trying to write a novel for almost my whole life. :P And I'm trying to decide if I should write up a post about something that happened to me Saturday that had to do with a Psalm, a song that "randomly" came on the radio, the message at church the next day and a realization...*ponders*
Anyways...oh! I watched Black Hawk Down for the first time last night. GREAT movie. Of course there's a bit more language than I care for...and some of it is pretty bloody. But, the movie is very, very well made and extremely accurate. Dad was in the Army when that actual event happened and he knew the real pilot who flew the Little Bird down and landed at the second crash site. It's so funny watching movies like that because Dad actually took part in things like that as a pilot. It's really scary and amazing and makes the movies more suspenseful and real feeling for me to just think of Dad doing that stuff. I admit that I did turn my head once during the movie...Emily is insisting that that means I didn't actually watch the movie, but I think I did. :P This movie is a big deal around our house for the "older ones". I've heard about it for as long as I can remember so it was cool to finally watch it. 8-) And yes...kept me quite captivated the whole time. I tend to do better watching movies at night with Em in her room. Don't feel like I need to do other things as much then...even if I still can't keep my mind from wandering some every now and then. :P
Anyways! I'm off to finish my novel. Left my poor main characters in a terrible spot and all but ignored them yesterday.
So! Hope y'all are having a wonderful, wonderful day! Be sure to SMILE! And Shine for Christ no matter where you are. :D


  1. Oh congrats on finishing! I'm sure you've finished it by this afternoon, yes?
    SO EXCITED FOR YOU! *hugs*

    1. Thanks! :)
      Yep! Just finished it a few minutes ago. :)
      Thanks a bunch! It's pretty cool to have finally finished a book. :) (Terrible though it may be. :P )

  2. Congratulations Anna! What an amazing thing to accomplish! My daughter Tirzah has written a novel too, it hasn't been published or anything but she would like to write more and eventually have them published! Good job!

    I've never seen Black Hawk Down...can't handle war movies anymore. Sons have seen it though. Ever since Saving Private Ryan, which almost made me hyperventilate I haven't watched another one! :) If I had been pregnant I'm sure I would have gone into labor!! LOL

    1. Thanks so much, Mrs. B! Oh, I didn't know that Tirzah wrote a novel, though I believe I knew she enjoyed writing. :) I'll have to send you a link to the program I used to write my novel and see if Tirzah would like it. It's made for homeschoolers and is really, really awesome. :)

      lol...I am not a war-movie kind of girl, actually...but I always say their amazing after I finish them. I like them, I suppose...and Saving Private Ryan is next on my list. a Pendleton, with Dad's military background, there's a list of "must see" movies. lol. Haha...that's too funny.

  3. Black Hawk Down is epic. Violent, but epic.

    As for the sermon, you should enlighten me about that. I'm afraid I was too tired to do much else besides fight to stay awake and I don't remember much, other than I did think it was his best sermon yet at the time. And that it was about sanctification. I hope it wasn't about church discipline...*hides*

    1. Agreed.

      Hmmm, okay. Maybe I'll write that post, though I probably something out of the sermon totally different than everyone else.
      The sermon was about being reverent in church and the importance of lending your ear to the teaching of God's word. Retaining it and keeping it with you through the week etc.