Saturday, July 7, 2012

Shoot for the stars (chasers!) Uhhh...again.

 Today Mom, Lydia, Abby, Naomi and I went back down to Fl to their mounted drill team practice. Dad and Micah went to the gun and knife show instead. :P It was another looong, but nice day. We got up bright and early (six can still be bright and early right?) and headed down. Mom drove the van with the trailer all the way there and back! 0.0 And, of course, she did great. I offered to drive, but for some crazy reason...she didn't let me. :/ :P Apparently the Star Chasers Mounted Drill Team has been looking for a singer to sing during their drills so that they can do the drills to the music...and so Mom told me to take my karaoke machine and some music and let miss Tammy (the drill master) hear me and...ummm...I guess I'm going to be doing thing singing now at their shows etc. I expected to go down, sing a "sample" song and then sit back and read or write all the rest of the day. But...ummm...that didn't really happen. :P I ended singing allllll day long. And I do mean all day. :P I sang every song for every drill practice. And I didn't lose my voice!!! :D Woot woot! :P
Anyways...I didn't get as many pictures as I thought I would since I ended up singing, but I got a token few and Lydia took some...then when we got home, Emily decided that she would grab my camera (no...not the new one yet...still isn't here. :( ) and fun some of them are from her.
Anyhoo...oh yeah...I had a few blond moments today that I was gonna share...but...I...uhhh...can't remember them. And...that probably doesn't really help me at all by telling you that does it? Hmmm...ooookay...never mind. I won't tell you then. And if I do...don't tell anyone else. Okay?
Anyways...before I get tooootally crazy...wait...I already I go nuts...wait...I'm that too...okay!
I'd better just end it now...Yeah...don't you think? I do. That's for sure. If I didn't think so it wouldn't be over now.'s not...I'm still typing. Okay...moving on...

SHOOO...Shmile and shine for Christ! :D
Over and out for now.

Naomi, Lydia and me with our sleepy eyes on right before we left.

Okay...this. was. beautiful! Miss Tammy does what is called "bridle-less". She doesn't use any reigns at any point, she controls the horse completely by her knees and does a really pretty, graceful "dance" on the horse.

This is the first time I sang today...Miss Tammy threw me right in and had me to "Only Hope" to her Bridle-less. She had been doing it before with this song and the original artist's recording...but I get to do it for her at the show when she does it! :D

Naomi got to ride twice today! :D Mom walked her around once and Ethan did it the next.

Naomi on Tinker and Ethan on...dirt

Lydia taking charge of the arena. :D

Miss Tammy trimmed Tinker's and Jeb's hooves after everyone else had left.

Talk about one cute ragamuffin! ^_^

And...we loaded up to head home.

Jeb...not his best shot, eh?

Jeb again...

This is called...a road.

Mom and Dad. (Dad's the pink one....okay...that doesn't sound right does it?)

"It's a cow farm! Of course it's gonna have cows outside!" (If you haven't seen won't get it.)

We stopped at Jeffers on the way home.

And then we got home! Yes...really...home. At about 7:00.  0.0

And...then I made brownies.

See? It was really me making them...I didn't just say it. Oh...and yes...I did use a boxed brownie mix. But! Did you know that it's way easier to make brownies from scratch? Yeah...seriously...I had to keep looking back at the box to make sure I was getting things right...then I had to open those annoying packages and just felt way more annoying and complicated than scratch. :P OH! And...on a kinda side note...but a very urgent one...Emily has taken another embarrassing video of me and...while I doubt she would be so inhumane...I must say that if she dares post it on her blog...well, I would like to clear my name of any damage that might come to her property in the near future. Of course I KNOW my dear, sweet Em'n'em would never, ever do it. (even though she did it before). 

*sniff* I made that. Now Mommy will be proud of me.

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  1. That looks like a lot of fun!
    And those brownies....*inhales* They look delectably luscious to say the least. :)