Tuesday, July 31, 2012

[Insert Title Here]

 Ah, it's been another day in paradise. Another long day in paradise. Why is it that the days have seemed soooo long this week? Probably many reasons. That's my guess. Yep.
Anyways...today is Tuesday...and it feels like it should be Friday. :P But it's not...it's Tuesday. I know that because yesterday was Monday and Tuesday usually follows Monday. Usually. 
Anyhoo...last night Lydia and I hung out in my room. Nothing really new about hanging out...but I decided to get pictures anyways. We had a bunch of fun. :D
We're watching the olympics...and it's my favorite event...girls' gymnastics. :D :D Always been my fav.  America just went...Russia is up next. I don't know why I love this event so much. It's just coooool.
I know there's more that I have to say that y'all just really should know...but I can't think of it. So you may insert any amount of randomness here that you like. *nods* I mean...anything...get real random. Random as unbreakable eggs that fall on a stone floor. See? Like that.
Anyhoo! Hope y'all are having a great evening! :D And I hope you're smiling! :D And...remember to shine for Christ...no matter where you are. :D

Lucy came for a visit last night...

Okay...to kick off my time with Lydia...muuusic. :D We listened to Jamie Grace all night...Lydia likes her and I'm not sure what other of my music she'd really like lol. So we went with Jamie.

I am trying to decide if this is cute or...scary. We'll go with cute. It's her shirt that's just...too much. It says "Brunettes get better grades." I mean really...I can't believe I let her wear that in my room!

 I gave Mom some money to pick up some chocolate. ...So Lydia and I grabbed a jar of milk and delved into the stash. I think Lydia was rather pleased...this kinda makes me think of Gollum...

Dis is us. :D

And then today! I just got some different random pictures of the folskes in the house and out of the house. 
Here's Em with Siri (in her bling, of course) and getting the Starchasers website up online.

*happy sigh* in my room...music is always playing....well...AFR lately...which is mostly music...

Abby is a HUGGER...and you can see that Micah is thrilled.

I have no idea what she is doing...

Naomi, me and Micah's and Abby's fingers in the School Room.

Abby tried breaking into Micah's room...but it didn't work.

Mr. Sean came and dropped several rolls of hay off.

Lydia, milking the cow. Or just finishing.

That's how the sky has looked for...a couple of weeks now. And boy...is it ever huuumid! Inside and out...nice thick air. :P

I was holding PJ and Micah just came and stood like this. When I looked up he gave me the look that said, "Well?" So...I guess I was supposed to take a picture. :P

Flowers are always sososo pretty....I love flowers. Flowers are happy looking. And happy smelling. They make the world a better place. *nods*

This, for all you color blind people out there...,is green. :D

And we shall end with a random picture of a random stone. Aint it perty?


  1. That picture of the stone just brings tears to my eyes. It is so lovely. haha. I love the girls night! Looks like y'all had fun!

    1. Haha...I'm glad. :P
      We did! All three of us must do that (with bacon...) at Thanksgiving. :D

    2. Bacon. Nutella. Josh Groban. Life just wouldn't get any better than that!

  2. Huh. Irony. This week has felt long. Probably the weather. Or those Chinese TV satellites. Curse them. I'm going to have to call somebody about that. Again.

    Lydia's enthusiastic enough without chocolate...

    ...wow...you're randomness is so...random. But that's okay, I think...randomness is what makes life epic.

    1. Hmmm...so it's not just me. Maybe this week /is/ long...or it could be those satellites like you say...

      Yes, she is. And so she should be. It's chocolate.

      Yes...yes...I know. My randomness gets as random as it gets. It does. Epic... that's a strong word. I trust that you have good reason to use it.