Sunday, July 8, 2012


 Ahhhh, the lovely little details of life that make things so...not...boring.  And, I admit...this post does not have very many pictures. The reason? How does one take pictures when...shocked...but so completely NOT shocked that it's even more shocking? Does that makes sense? No? Oh well.
Anyways...I really am not sure how much everyone cares to know...but those of you who know. 
Emily, Micah, Lydia and I  went with some friends from church to watch a movie and when we came out...our van had been decorated. ^_^ IT WAS SHINY!!!! Sorry...just had to say it. 
I imagine this post may make no sense to most people reading it...but I thought I would share a few pictures of our lovely van. and shine for Christ. :D
Over and out for now. 

I told you it was shiny!!!!!!

*sigh* so pretty.

This is AFTER the crepe paper, shiny strands and wand (and a couple other things) have been removed.

Epic...don't you think?

Beans? Huh? Heh...upon finding this...there was a chorus of..."What's with the beans?!" Most amusing.

Dad's reaction when we got home. I went to their room and said "Our van got decorated." And Mom jumped out of bed laughing saying..."That (insert guilty party's first and last name here)!!!".

Ah yes. The star shaped, red balloon. Mom said to get this picture for said guilty person. you go, said guilty person. :P


  1. Wow. How audacious. Said guilty person must be tracked down.

  2. I think said guilty person should probably keep their identity undisclosed, as the disclosure could lead to some somewhat unpleasant retaliatory measures.

    Just sayin....

    Pretty awesome job, though, I must say... :D

  3. Said guilty person needs to listen to the wisdom of Jacki...

    ...she's scary. And I should know, since she was my roommate.