Thursday, March 14, 2013

A.D. 10

Ah! I am a day late again! A day late and a dollar short (but the last part is always the case for me. :P )

Anyhoo! Enough with mah drama!

Yesterday was a nice day. A bit long but nice! :) It was church at our house and we spent the day taking advantage of it being a cleaning day and doing some extra stuff to the house. Trying new linens and stuff and I did some deep cleaning etc.

Other than that and church...not much happened! It was a nice day just because we were all inside working together and working steadily...and that really is be working steadily. Make time move a bit better. :P

Hope y'all are having a good day! IDK if I'll be able to blog tonight...but I hope to keep caught up! :)

Keep smiling and shining for Christ! :D :D :D

I made the kids a chocolate chip scone for breakfast. I'd never made a scone before...or really had any...but it was pretty good! 

Then, later on I made some chocolate muffins for Bible Study that night. 

Oh...during the day Micah and Lydia were playing volleyball (a game that I do NOT know how to play, btw. :P ) And  Micah sees me with my phone taking pictures and he poses like this and yells. "ACTION SHOT! ACTION SHOT!" :P

Lydia loves Oscar...
Broth and me! He's getting so tall! 

Dad and Micah repairing the floor. 

I LOVE this picture. I think it's so sweet. Reminds me of Em and me when we were little... *sniff* where does time go? :P

We were out of Italian I made some. ^_^

The Holmes got here the earliest and we all tried to play volleyball... *cough*

We decided to play cards instead. :P They taught us how to play new favorite card game.  


And...mess...they all love me so much...

And then...HE showed up. He's cool. 8-)
Enjoying dinner and fellowship! 
And that's all! Y'all have an awesome rest of the day! Keep on smiling and shining for Christ!!! :D :D 

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