Saturday, March 23, 2013

A.D. (And I've lost count)

Weeell! I'm on Mom and Dad's computer right now. My computer was hacked, so it just seemed fair to hack theirs!

Okay...not really. But I am on their computer. :P

Anyhoo! I have come to a conclusive conclusion (you like that? I came up with that phrase mahself)...that my computer did NOT have a virus and was NOT hacked until "Microsoft" called me. And now...yes...I was stupid. I'm the first to admit it. My computer is terribly hacked and has a terrible virus on it. It's depressing if I let it be...but I just aint letting it be! :D we know...I'm going to be calling the REAL Microsoft to tell them that someone is posing as them...they may know already...IDK. I'm still mad about the whole thing but in a calm way. lol.

And! So, yes...I'm on Dad and Mom's computer for the moment to do a blog post of a the last couple of days. Didn't get too many pictures and they're out of order...but they're pictures none the less!

Hope y'all are having a wonderful week! Keep smiling and shining for Christ! :D

Sunrise...Thursday morning (I think), looking out my bedroom window. It was SO much prettier IRL. 
Haha! Dad got this mug for Mother...I think it's just perfect. And the lady actually looks like Mom lol.

Oh! One big deal is that Em cleaned out the growth from behind our bedrooms...I liked the feeling of the vines and stuff, but I walked back to my room and she'd already whacked most of it down. So...the clean look is nice too. :)

Got this picture of my window. :)

Been doing a lot of coloring with the little girls. Crayons are so awesome. 8-)

This is from today...we went to Tates Grocery down in the town we used to live in . (got my stash of chocolate replenished.  :D )

Had a Mountain Dew for the first time in...what felt like forever. Then I realized... it hadn't been forever. :P 

Ooooh, this was at Tates and I wanted to take it and a spoon and sneak out to the car...but I didn't.  :-/

And to wrap the pictures up; a banner I found and love. I really...really...really love the "Keep Calm and..." posters. A lot. They're so cool and awesome. :) Kinda a small and strange obsession of mine. :P
Hope y'all have a wonderful evening! Micah and I were gonna watch Black Hawk Down, but I don't think we're doing that now...I reckon I'll go clean the kitchen...straighten my room and maybe Micah and I will pick out another movie or something. 

The weather is terrible humid and wet!'s only terrible if you look at it that way. I actually love the rainy weather when I'm at's super cozy. I just don't like it when it feels like our house is going to blow away lol. 

Anyhoo! Hope y'all have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow (I really can't wait for tomorrow. Happy things happen on Sunday.). :D Keep smiling and shining for Christ!

Over and out for now.

P.s. I have no idea how often I will be able to blog...but I'll try to keep up as much as possible. :)

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